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February 17, 1993
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  • Who said dreams don't come true?
  • I'd support something like this, as long as certain skills weren't powered crept. A rebalance of this scale allows for better damage scaling as a whole. Some skills like Water Cannon and Flameburst already have great top-end damage values and don't …
  • Arjune wrote: » anyone who can possibly say that's not a giant doesn't pay much attention to giants XD heh. The legs alone are completely different from humans. Anyways Bobbio is correct... it's just a client-sided glitch with his Forest Ranger ou…
  • I believe it's a case of height boosting insoles and an age 18 potion used on a human.
  • Links from datamined sources aren't allowed here on the forum.
  • It's a Periscope TV link associated with the @MabiOfficial twitter account. I'd say it's safe. I'll drop the
  • I wanted to try something different, so have a haiku sonnet about Rabbie Phantasm. Phantastic reward Awaiting below the floor Dive into the halls Four stone Guardians Into the dungeon deeper Children protecting Final key bearer Two lo…
  • I think intermediate isn't that bad with a party. It does require some good pets and I might now realize how good the pet needs to be since I've only used pets with r1 Fynn Mastery. The missions seems fairly doable for a full party of 8 mid-game …
    in Mag Mell Comment by JoeyDee9 August 16
  • You forget that most people haven't even touched Techs, Veterans, and purification's. When the vast majority of the game is able to be cream cheesed by hailstorm, I'm not even against suggesting new players to pick up an ego staff. It's fun, effecti…
  • I'm not sure you're actually doing end game content? While I do agree that hailstorm is great for mid game it doesn't fair well in end game. It's near unusable in tech missions, you wouldn't touch it for purification, and it's damage fall off makes …
  • The number is not displayed in the character window and it affects all types of damage, not just physical.
  • That's actually really funny, I had saved my catsidhe just in case, but of course now I already have all the skills r1. By the time we get this change I'll probably have burnishing dan 3 already too. Good for future players and potential future sale…
  • I got a video of it, first few times are me pressing the 'mount' hotkey. Then I try to right click and mount. Someone else is on the pet the rest of the time. The "There is no available room" message does not appear like it does on a mount that is a…
  • Commerce isn't so bad, I think the worst thing about it is that you essentially need the accessories to profit normally. Belvast profits are high if you learn how to grind them and invest in the gear. I'd love to see the commerce accessory enchan…
  • Unfortunately we don't allow advertisement of unofficial social links here on the forums. While I'm sure it's a riot of a discord server, we'll be removing the link and locking this thread.
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » KelpSoda wrote: » im pretty sure julie came from another planet though, but that's just the starchild idk if the other julies are also aliens but that might explain her relationship with the conspiracy guy hmmm Where di…
  • My chinchilla is not a land fish, more like a land dolphin.
  • I wish you best best of luck while handling all your affairs Leinei.
  • Yeah, Kokopo was one of my favorite pets too. It was really left behind in the last update, it's a shame.
  • Past collaboration pets are not able to be Synced with. This includes Kokopo and the Ground dragon from Re;Zero. More recent collaboration pets like the Kemonomimi Friends pets are able to be synced.