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  • Let's talk about commerce (:

    Only viable way to commerce now days is to trade in white crystals and crystal pillars that you get from using metallurgy after slaying crystal golems. I haven't done it in a while, but when they last did the commerce event I was able to earn around 12m within a day or two. I think without the event, you can still earn ~1m per trip with letters. Only downside is that you need reforges and maybe belmont set in order to increase your metallurgy success rates and/or gathered amount which is probably more expensive than x2 trader trustworthy accessories.
  • Oh wow, look what I found

    Fluorette wrote: »
    I remember Lorna and Pan. <3

    Do you remember what restaurant it was? I rarely ever see products for Korean games sold (at least where I am), so this is intriguing.

    I assume it was one of the popular ones in Korea at the time like Bennigans or Sizzler. It was so long ago it's hard to say.
    Wow, so these are the specs required just to play a DVD...

    Man, I do not fancy being alive in the early 2000s.

    Those were the specs required to play the game. I know, I was surprised too.

  • Oh wow, look what I found


    I was cleaning my closet and found this gem lol

    I think I got it from a family restaurant as a promotion around 2004.

    "Minimum spec required: OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP | CPU: Pentium3 - 450MHz | Memory: 128MB | Video Card: TNT2 16MB | Hard drive: 100MB"
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  • [UPDATE] Addition of Sales Tax When Purchasing NX

    We all know all these people talking about boycotting NX purchases will end up opening their wallets when a Creepy Haunted gacha happens. And it will eventually happen if this is some desperate move by Nexon to acquire more income.

    Oh and, I'm disappointed in you Nexon.
  • Ego update! (G24 Korea)

    Veylaine wrote: »
    EDIT: well had my korean friend translated it for me and it matches what you said, we're also getting a new dungeon difficulty maybe?

    Yeah, the dungeon difficulty is called Veteran. It's basically regular dungeon mobs buffed to match end game content difficulty. Another cool thing to note, they're making in-game auction house accessible through the Mabinogi website.