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  • Unsure.

    Helsa wrote: »
    Not only allowing E/G marriage but choice of venue. Emain for a traditional western-style wedding (that's western as how everyone outside of north america understands western), Filia for a smaller more intimate kind of wedding, and Vales for a military style wedding.

    As for the old days of having to sneak back into Filia or Vales, depending on your situation, maybe a future G could introduce time travel where you go back to the days of the war how mabi used to be. Maybe make it something you can visit again like Avon or Saga. Such a G would be a good way to re-introduce G5 and G6.

    While we're at it, give humans an animal transform like E/G have and allow E/G to gain palandin or DK, letting folks have both transforms and let them stack. So like Falcon Dark Knight, Beast Paladin, etc.

    My stars how it seems everything in this game is interconnected!

    I would love for Humans to get a Werewolf thing.
  • More updates

    I'd love the idea of hunger having more of an apparent role, I just don't want things to spoil. If we did have to deal with spoiling, I'd want to have a new skill to preserve food/expand on pickling and making sausage and jerky more.

    That way, you have to actually either;
    1. Rely on cheap foods that aren't exactly filling, but are cheap so hey.
    2. Train chef a little bit to get the easiest foods to make (Up to Rank E or D.)
    3. Buy food from players.
    4. Not eat and suffer the consquences. (Like anyone would.)

    What this hunger update can do if they make hunger more apparent;

    NPC's who sell food can now have their own niche stock with food from the area. I could see the cafe in Emain Macha getting more food, sure, but also Glenis selling cheap meals like soups and stews and sandwiches.

    Food becomes a much more necessary thign and can even help regulate the economy. Think of it this way; If your item doesn't sell, but you see someone else selling it at a cheaper price, logically you'd change the price of the item. That way, the economy gets a big change.

    People will sell food more. Kiosks and Market Stalls will be probably become more abundant throughout the channels because people want to make money off of the other player's needs, and the "Shopping channels" aren't always able to house everyone.

    My biggest fear is driving new players away. Not everyone enjoys having to constantly eat. But...potentially seeing how all the food buffs you temporarily, that would probably make more people stay. Heck, if they made all the buffs for dishes more rational, you could even make people want to cook more.

    Like have Bread give you say, +1 MaxHP and +1 STR. Then you see the Baked Potato give more of a buff and go;"Hey, that looks good for my stats, and it fills me more!" You could very well revamp it so the lower-quality foods/raw ingredients give some sort of buff, while the cooked food has the better buffs all-round. With that, there'd be a better reason to cook or buy food from skilled chefs.
  • Healing Skills Need a Revamp

    I seriously think we need an advanced healing skill or a Healing Mastery skill or something.
  • What's your favorite Mabinogi OST / BGM?

    Ceo Island/Barri Dungeon.

    It just sounds sooooo good~
  • Mass Production Cooking

    I could see potentially mass-producing SOME foods.

    Stuff like Jam and such, but mass-producing certain things like a whole cake? No.