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Hi! I'm Yang, I'm a floof and I make comics! owo
  • What the heck is wrong with this game progression?

    I think it's also the case of far too many people expecting to be able to do everything instantly. Mabi's a lot about prepping stuff. =w='
  • Cookie island is pure struggle

    I dunno why you all dislike her, but I always like the crazies in stories.

    welp. Guess I'm just crazy too!
    MizukiHayamaAeolysRadiant Dawn
  • Event Partners?

    Jazmyn wrote: »
    Since you mention it, I kind of want a Caravan Joe... Not sure what his "standout feature" would be though.... I'll update this if I think of anything...

    (Maybe he could be a stylist.... give us some pretty awesome hair-do's.... He could be our "hair storage coupon" things.... Just... He remembers the last cut asked for and gives it to us for free since he has such a fantastic hair style.)

    Hehehe, yeah XD He gives you free hair changes.
  • Event Partners?

    Other than lots of people overall loving the characters we meet during events, some of them would make REALLY good partners like with the Willam one.

    Just to name a few I'd want; Alyn, Cookie Witch and maybe even Caravan Joe himself? There's obviously more, but those are just the main three who are recent.

    Sell them on the cash shop, and I'm sure that a lot of people will buy them. Especially after the fact people posted a lot about Alyn XD
  • Cookie island is pure struggle

    Well, I can see how this is AGGRIVATING for many...This is my favourite event overall. In all honesty, I like this sheerly because she is so darn strong. I did this when I was a newbie with only fireball to my name for any mid-tier magic. I still beat her, it was hard. But worth it, to me.

    My magic got stronger, I got my first pet from an event and it was the first pet I got when I moved to Alexina from Tarlach.

    So...Pretty much, just keep tryin'. Use Mana Shield, Crises Escape and anything that can get out of her Candy Bomb's range/make her stop targeting you for a moment and just pray, really. Bosses are HARD.