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    Helsa wrote: »
    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Helsa wrote: »
    Crimsọn wrote: »
    I agree with everything you said there, but I think this world is far too gone. We're just a couple of boomers at this point.

    Aren't boomers folks born between 1945 and 1965?

    Anyone who is not a liberal is considered a boomer.

    Okay, so if you're a gun person then you're a boomer. Guns go boom, so that makes sense.

    I guess im a boomer
  • End Mage Oppression

    it never made much sense to me to make magic defense and entirely different thing on its own to be magical defense that scales on intelligence, being more intelligent shouldnt equate to making you more resistant to magic, maybe elemental defense would make more sense because thats how magic works in general, (which we kinda already have) beyond that, mdef/mprot just bothers me the way it functions, one minute im taking 30s-80s or so with physical attacks and the next i take like 500 damage with a water blast which makes little sense to me.
  • Tryna get magic shield

    and then quest says "Talk with Kusina along with someone you love" and i have found someone but apparently it doesnt count because its too gay or something.
  • Alexina is basically dead

    To Julie:
    Julie wrote: »
    Julie wrote: »

    literally nobody is talking about forcing anyone do anything social, and as far as i know, you're breaking the rules.

    Well, that's a straight up lie, if I've ever seen one. Drop off your own server to force a merge to happen, on basis of anyone not agreeing being "antisocial?" Totally not iron fisted bullying tactics.

    But, please do explain my alleged ToS violation. Go right on ahead. I'll wait. :joy:

    are you referring that to me? because it appears youre accusing me of saying things i never said. im also not your babysitter you can look at the rules yourself.
    Look, I don't time for your gaslighting. You clearly support Crimson's idea; it doesn't matter who originated the idea. I didn't see you condemning Crimson's idea. Crimson's idea obviously serves your aim: to merge servers. If Crimson's idea isn't what you'd like to see happen, then condemn it now and put it to rest and stop playing games. But, you won't. We both know you won't.

    Additionally, you seem to believe that you can just accuse people of stuff and then just not show evidence for your accusations. This is like getting pulled over by police (in your case, morality police), being told you broke a law, asking how you did so, and the police telling you it's not her job to show probable cause for your arrest and you should tell her how you broke the law.

    You're not here for a discussion. You're here to lie and soak up attention and I'm not indulging it beyond these last responses.

    Im not interested in addressing every single thing there is to this thread as its getting spicy as it is and youre the one contributing to it that way, and the absence of rejecting ideas doesnt automatically mean support, youre just damaging controlling now because you cant control your projection issue, which is something you should work on fixing instead of taking it out on me.

    Also I dont tell people what the rules are because im not the mod. But ill tell you what you did then my child. You called KelpSoda a derogatory name, its against the rules and its stated in the first bullet point of forum rules, you can read it here
  • Alexina is basically dead

    I know there's no malice here, trust. But, my question is, how does not being on Alexina fix the issue of population? Why are we yet again repeating 2019? Abandon Alexina in protest of another merge, while complaining about dead servers? And what if Nao doesn't want a merge? Screw everyone else? Only what you want matters, once again?

    The dogma that a merge must and will happen on basis on no evidence nor official statement whatsoever is not convincing me; it's pushing me to believe that it's more of a selfish desire being presented as an absolute to coerce people into joining the merge cult, as if no other option exists. The approach doesn't have to be another merge, people. There's many other ways to handle this without destroying the last bit of the game we have left. Please, just stop and think for a second.

    Generally speaking, I also don't understand how shooting yourselves in the foot to get the bleeding to stop makes any reasonable sense. The logic is simple, but not sound. This is like watching children throw a tantrum and throw their toys out of the vehicle until the parents get them the shiny doll they want from the other kid. Now you have no toys and no shiny doll. And even if you got the doll, it's now all you have and the other kid hates you for it. Congratulations: you've made everyone more miserable.

    I also don't know why Alexina players are still making this a personal thing with Nexon, as if nobody else had to put up with being the underdog server for nearly a whole decade and as if Nexon made their players quit and move to Nao. It's not their fault, guys, and they're not obligated to fix what your old members broke. If they do merge, fine. Get ready to lose Mabinogi as a whole, because you couldn't be bothered to learn from the mistakes of other games and find solutions that didn't make more players quit the game as a result of "unforeseen problems" like inflation.

    EDIT: But, you know what? I'm at a point where I'm just tempted to let all of you destroy the community and just let Mabi's end come along. If the Devs are dumb enough to indulge your requests, then both they and we all deserve it. You won't learn.

    half of this here that you wrote is just pure projection, maybe it takes a little more than 5 afking players on channel 1 in dunbarton to convince you that Alexina has a population issue going on, maybe the 2 people and I that we bumped into talking about the population issue where we all come down to admit that Alexina is dying if not dead is a little overexaggerating for you. But from that post of yours alone, youre the one taking it quite personally, and as far as im aware of, Nao's population is just fine after the merging. So i fail to see the issue with yet another merge, if anything it will make the community stronger on Mabinogi.

    And as i said before, i saw this issue with Alexina coming here from a mile away when the Nao server was created, if anything, Nexon messed up by not including everyone in the same server, Mabi doesnt have the same population it had a decade ago.