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  • Glyph Lore Rank 3

    You can skip skill ranks by using training seals. Eavan sells training seals. To skip an entire rank, it will cost 300 Second Vouchers.

    You get up to 10 Second Vouchers from completing Alby Normal Hard Mode. (Make sure you've registered your character for the Dungeon Guide at Eavan before running)

    This means you can skip a rank of any skill by running Alby Normal Hard Mode about 30 times.

    (You can only gain 100 Vouchers per day, so this will take 3 days)
  • Glyph help please.

    You also need a Magic Quill Pen. It's also made with the Stationary Crafting Skill. The feathers are sold at General Shops.
  • Server cannot be reached (Nao)

    On official Mabi discord, it was stated that they are aware of the issues and are investigating. For now, the login server is offline, so attempts to log in will be unsuccessful, and some players who are still online have told me they are experiencing issues, such as game freezing up at times.

    If they're already looking into it, despite it being New Year's Day, I wouldn't worry too much. They'll take care of it. For now, just find something to do until another official announcement is issued. ^^

    Here's a link to the official mabinogi discord server:
    I'm sure the link's probably somewhere on forums already, but I'm too lazy to find where.
  • Large Water Bottle

    Anything that makes the Huge Lucky Gather on water bottles would be a great improvement. Currently, you can get huge lucky gathers by using Phantasmal Sight on wells, and it says "Huge Lucky!" when you do, but it only fills one bottle, even if you have a Luxury Bag filled with empty bottles.
  • Windowed back to full screen, game text too small

    I recall seeing a checkbox in one of the options menus, possibly performance or display or something, which read "Adjust font sizes to account for resolution" or something. I don't know if it will help, but it's worth looking into.