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  • Large Water Bottle

    Anything that makes the Huge Lucky Gather on water bottles would be a great improvement. Currently, you can get huge lucky gathers by using Phantasmal Sight on wells, and it says "Huge Lucky!" when you do, but it only fills one bottle, even if you have a Luxury Bag filled with empty bottles.
  • Windowed back to full screen, game text too small

    I recall seeing a checkbox in one of the options menus, possibly performance or display or something, which read "Adjust font sizes to account for resolution" or something. I don't know if it will help, but it's worth looking into.
  • Came back, back to training Egos

    -Finally about the Spirit weapon transplant-

    You lose Half of your spirit's level when changing it's current weapon to a new one. (From what others say since I never did this yet.)

    Ah, this isn't true. You can move spirits around freely, even across weapon types, with no loss whatsoever, as long as you reset the ego points first. You only lose half the levels if you destroy the spirit entirely without putting it into a weapon (the remaining half is stored in an Empty Spirit Stone).

    And, since this hasn't been mentioned yet, players can have 3 spirit weapons, but they must be different weapon types. You can have both a staff and a wand, and even something else.
  • Can we PLEASE get something interesting?

    I feel like they try to design all events to include all players, so they don't include fighting, crafting (except rank F), gathering, or....anything really. The recipes for the crossover quest are just another example. There's NO reason those foods should be in Mixing category, except that the quest designer was strongly against rewarding players who had ranked the cooking skill.

    With all the beginner bonuses they have now, including memoirs, there shouldn't be any player which can handle some mid-game combat or higher-level crafting. And, for those that can't, they can be given lesser rewards, while players who have ranked skills and are capable of more deserve much better rewards.
  • secondary pass says game is in Miantince when not

    Exiting the client completely and re-launching it will solve this problem immediately in most cases. If the 'Play' button on the launcher isn't showing, you may even need to restart the launcher by clicking the little arrow at the very bottom-right of your screen, right-clicking the Nexon icon, and selecting 'Exit'. It can be a slight hassle, but it's better than waiting 2 hours.

    This sometimes happens when you get disconnected. It also happens when the server goes offline for maintenance on Thursday mornings.
    If it's happening frequently, your internet connection might be blinking off.