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  • Race Change

    Well, I don't feel like players should be allowed to just transfer all those things meant to be earned, onto another race. The things you listed should be something you need to achieve through effort. It's like saying "One of my characters has r1 all skills, so all of my characters deserve to skip to r1 in everything". Only those who put in the effort for each race deserve to have an end-game character of each race. Being able to freely change between races is, as you've put it, 'spitting in the face' of those who actually took the time to train multiple characters.
  • Ee hee hee hee hee hee: life is good again!

    Do you not have enough skills that you use both of them? o.o
  • Block listing used skillbooks on the AH

    I think this is part of the scammers' goal: Look at the lowest priced book in the image above. If prices of a book are holding at around 2m, and a scammer sticks a used book on AH for 1.6m, then someone else selling that book will see the 'Lowest' price shown, without knowing whether it's real or fake, and price their book cheaper in order to have it sell. As you can see, there's a cheaper book than the fake one, at 1.59m. As a hypothetical, a scammer could have just tricked someone into selling for 400k cheaper than they needed to, which the scammer can buy and resell for the full price.
  • Older players are being unappreciated

    Aquasol wrote: »
    You do get a title. It’s not possible to skip out on the training to master an R1 skill, and attempts to gain extra skill exp will not deduct from the count, meaning you could be 35,000/35,000 and still need 15,000+.

    Not true. I created a new character on Nao server just after the merge. In one weekend, at 160x training multiplier (thanks to event), I went from rank F engineering and magic craft, to having the master titles for both. The next day I completed all the memoir quests, gaining over 50k AP.

    Though, I was around back when training was hard. I reached rank 1 in every uncapped life skill before talents, training seals, or any alternative training methods existed, so I understand and respect anyone else who was able to do the same. For a while after training seals were introduced, I felt bitter about them as well. But, those feelings are gone. Mabinogi has changed, and no title or skill rank is difficult enough that you can feel unique by having earned it. Personally, I've shifted my focus to earning gold and acquiring rare items to sell. I now pride myself on running my mabi business, and going shopping on AH for stuff I don't even need. I'm not the type to save money, after all.

    On that note, I want to present to you the thought that, while most people can and do easily train those difficult skills to rank 1, master, or even Dan 3, it doesn't mean they make use of them. The true accomplishment you should feel from ranking difficult skills is the benefits you receive from them, whether it be crafting high-demand weapons and armors, filling shops with cheaply produced potions, clearing entire rooms of enemies with ease, breezing through difficult content with capped stats, filling your bank account to the point of bursting, or even just showing off some flashy skill to new players. Completing your skill training, regardless of the method, won't seem too special if it's not a skill you really use for anything, because it's not 'having' rank 1 that's the accomplishment, it's using the skill to its full potential.

  • It Was Worth Every Gold...

    Did you know? The fastest possible thunder is faster than the fastest possible chaincasted firebolt. ^_^