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  • DragonScale

    Prices are fluctuating wildly as supply changes. A good price is 1.5m-2m which is somewhat common. I've seen people pricing them at 6m+ lately though.

    There's no problem with the economy, it balances itself out. If the prices you have to pay for things goes up by 10x, it means the prices of things you could sell also goes up 10x. The only thing that remains constant is gold drops from monsters and mission rewards.

    It sounds like people are complaining that spamming shadow crystals is becoming less profitable, but that's not a problem with the economy. There's just no demand affiliated with the gold payout of missions. If you want to keep up with economic changes, you need to sell things. Things for which the demand is currently high, as demand changes over time. There's on single good or service in any economy that won't vary in price over time.

    In short, things aren't any harder to get than before, some people have just become worse at getting them.
  • The Dilemma of Handicrafts

    Most players will still have the book on many of their alt characters, and I'd estimate the average price to be about 10k. Just ask around, until someone friendly is willing to take the time to log into their alt and trade it to you. I guarantee they're not at all rare, despite only one being awarded per character.
  • which server are you moving to?

    Moved from Alexina to Nao for merchant reasons. I can't understand at all why people would be upset about a population increase. Not noticing any lag or related issues myself.

    As for population, at least from a merchant perspective, I can confirm that Nao has 5-10x as much economic activity as Alexina. The auction house has so many useful items that Alexina can't compare, and Nao even has regular shops! Enough to fill an entire channel so thoroughly that there's no space left.

    As a comparison, I sought out to acquire Ultimate Geas Armor. On Alexina, I checked the Auction House dozens of times a day, and bought every Hard Mineral that popped up, yet it still took me 5-6 months to get the 15 required. After the merge, I created a new character on Nao. There are so many Tech Duinn materials circulating on the auction house that I could make the same Ultimate Geas armor 3 times over, and I've only been here a week. The Literature Tab has dozens of each skill book, even rarer ones, providing competition to keep prices down. Even if the population is only slightly larger, the economy on Nao is far more active. Players seem to do things more, and produce more stuff.

    I see no downside to there being an increase in players, and I don't understand people leaving Nao behind because it's 'too active'. o.o

    Ah, as for catching up, the Master Plan is taking care of that. I blew through memoirs during 10x AP, rebirthing for each quest. Ended the day with over 50k AP. I also Mastered Engineering and Magic Craft during the 10x Skill Training, after having gathered materials for about 5 days. Even if you missed the 10x event, there's PLENTY of time to grow for anyone moving from either server. In addition to the many weeks of 2x AP and 2x training, there'll be quests giving out 2x Complete Skill Potions, and other useful things to help players grow very quickly, as well as many ways to earn good money, either selling materials or selling event rewards.
  • Alby hardmode???

    Alby Basic Hardmode was removed during the dungeon revamp update. Now only two hardmode versions exist: Normal, accessed by dropping any item, and advanced, which requires an Advanced Hardmode pass made with handicraft. (Note: Rundal Siren Hardmode also still exists).

    I'm not certain, but I believe all the rewards specific to basic hardmode were moved to adv hardmode.