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  • What if Nexon sold gold and ducats?

    I remember runescape did something very similar that worked out tremendously well. They started selling an item called "Bonds" you could buy for $5 usd. They originally gave 14 days of membership and eventually added more uses for them down the line. You could use them yourself (which was a terrible idea because buying membership the normal way was cheaper) or sell them to other players with in-game currency. This allowed F2P players access to paid features using in-game currency while at the same time allowed others a technical way to "buy" in-game currencies. This actually damaged the RS3 gold farming community because by standardizing in-game currency to a certain value gold farmers had to lower prices just to remain competitive. However, because Runescape Bonds were legitimate, there was no fear of getting banned so it was a safer way to purchase in-game currency. Ultimately, this severely crippled gold farming in RS3 to the point where I only ever see gold farmers at the gambling arena nowadays.

    If Nexon did the same here at Mabi I would assume it would be an item that you could sell to other players and when used temporarily give the user VIP access. The item price would be based on player economy so that means they're as valuable as people want them to be, which also means gold farmers would have to adapt to this price if they want to remain relevant.

    Edit: one of the uses of which was username changes so...there's that too :D
  • Things have changed!

    Welcome back to Mabi! If you're under 1,000 total make sure to take advantage of the beginner benefits. Getting a good start on Mabi before you past the 1,000 total level threshold can make a really big difference on how much more work you have to put later on.
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Finished my Persona 5 Joker cosplay today thanks to the new gacha!


    Ign: Lucatrea
    Face: Bat Phantom Thief Mask
    Body: Cressida Wear
    Shoes: Eluned Starlet Circle Boots (M)
    Gloves: Light Gloves
    Wings: Black Holy Feather Wings
  • New Beginning

    Sure! I love making new friends and adding people. -Lucatrea.
  • Why would you bother to turn off totems

    To sell them :D