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December 24, 2002
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"I don't have a quote because I'm lame."
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A tired wanderer who really doesn't comprehend everything.
  • Weekly Skill Up 3: Comprehensive Quest Problem

    Oh, nevermind, it's been solved. You need a music score scroll and play one of the buffs for the whole thing. I completely forgot you can play buffs with a scroll. Sorry, folks, hopefully the answer will prove useful to anyone else who may get stuck, though!
  • Starting Commercing, By A Beginner

    You want to start commercing to procrastinate the generations because you don't want to continuously fight but also don't want to do something like cooking because if you have to cook another baked potato you're going to explode? Welcome to commercing, it's your own personal nightmare, but at least you get some gold out of it, right?

    I'm Mapel; you're going to learn I'm really lazy, really quickly. I don't do commercing for the gold at this point. I have just over 200k to my name, and it's killing me on the inside. So, where do you get started on commercing? That was my exact question, but sadly, I don't see many posts for beginning this mercantile nightmare journey, so I thought I'd make one. I'm not very good in this skill, only a rank 3 commercing mastery, and I only have a horse-drawn carriage.

    1) Don't get discouraged. When I first looked at stuff for it, I couldn't find anything that related to what I needed to know. That, or I didn't have a brain, I'm pretty sure I still don't. However, even when you look at posts for commercing, don't get discouraged while realizing everyone else is better than you. While you were wallowing in self-pity, you could have been traveling slowly from Tara to Bangor in a handcart with hopes of getting enough ducats for a horse-drawn carriage.

    2) Make sure you're strong or traveling with others. This one is a given, written in pretty much every guide I've seen. Don't be weak, have at least one talent you're good at and go with it. Make sure none of your goods are taken, or else it'll cut your ducats. The bandits will go through your belongings five times, so make sure to get rid of them before they successfully run away with five stars over their heads.

    3) Ignore the assistant imp. He was annoying to me for a while, and I couldn't stand him. Why does he have to exist? With his "3m to the right, 5m to the left, oop you stepped in poo!" You're going to find him frustrating after a while, and if you don't, well, colour me impressed. Just ignore him.

    4) Have a lot of patience. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. Don't have it? Take it out on that annoying imp, I know I sure do. But away from the joking tone, you need to have patience for this talent, by what I've learned. You travel everywhere, and for a lot of it, on a slow-moving handcart until you manage to rack up 100k ducats.

    5) About the 100k Ducats. Save up! Don't get stuff just yet, at least get up to the carriage, because you'll move a lot faster. I never knew I'd make it, and I cried when I did because it took me so long. I'm still working up for the elephant, but I doubt I'll be using it an extreme amount.

    6) "How do I get to 100k?" asks the person reading to the lazy beginner, and thus I say, travel. Learn what you can, the best paths to take, the best places to go. Everything is ever-changing. Yeah, it's stressful to keep up with everything, but that's business baby.

    7) Learn the map. Learn your way around, because the more time you take, the more time you waste while you could be earning ducats. However, it would be best if you learned your way around. Two places I recommend avoiding (unless you're confident you're strong enough if any powerful bandits strike) are Osna Sail and Sen Mag Plains.
    >I recommend avoiding Osna Sail because it is full of wolves that are ready to attack, and if you get into a fight with a bandit, they majorly get in
    the way. Not to mention that you can quickly get into a fight due to the thin walkway. So if a bandit is in your path, you're most likely going to have to fight.
    >I recommend avoiding Sen Mag Plains because my experience with it is that enemies spawn right under you, which can get very infuriating if
    you're not trying to get into fifty fights in one go.

    8) The travel is worth it. In the long run, traveling far distances is going to be worth it. The farther you go, the more ducat you'll make, but also the more strong bandits you'll find. Just keep a sharp eye (or ear!) on where you're going, even though you won't always get out of a fight.

    I think that wraps up my guide. I don't know much about commercing, so please don't attack me too much, but this is just stuff I've personally found, and I thought would be useful if I happened to stumble upon as a beginner. There may be guides that I couldn't find somewhere around, but I guess I wasn't fortunate.

    So, be patient, and learn your routes, especially plan out where you're going to find the easiest and/or fastest way to travel. Not everything will be happy and carefree, but really, what is? Good luck on your journeys, merchants!