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  • Metal Conversion Minigame

    Just queue the minigame segment, too. Run the next minigame while your character does the conversion animation.
  • Regarding the Phantasm stream

    I didn't mind watching Nkeona get carried this time because she was actually able to do things. When Katherz was on a fresh character getting carried through Hard Mode Alby Advanced Dungeon, she couldn't contribute at all. So I preferred this run. What I absolutely would not like to see, however, is an overpowered GM character carrying the real players through content they can't legitimately clear. I think this Phantasm run was the right balance.
  • New player

    Kidaxy wrote: »
    Ktty wrote: »
    Kidaxy wrote: »
    I saw you in game! :D haha
    my username here is my character's name on Alexina server.

    edit: thank you for the welcome!!

    YW!!!! and if you saw Ktty on Alexina it's someone else :C Ktty is on the bestest server Tarlach!! Though I do have characters on each of the other servers from when I was still a NUA. Think they're all named Kttykatt. Maybe I'll come visit you sometime!

    It was a character named Ktty, yes. :O
    it was a child character I think. So it wasn't you :(
    But yes, visit me :D that'll be great to meet you all honestly.

    @Caissa hmm, do I need to be online in order to be added?

    @Kensamaofmari thank you!

    You don't need to be online in order for me to send a friend request if I typed your name in correctly. My thought is if I couldn't friend request you on Alexina and you found Ktty, then you should probably double check your server because you might be on Tarlach. If you are, then go add Ktty!
  • New player

    I tried to add Kidaxy on Alexina but it didn't work.
  • New player

    A lot of us would be more than willing to help out a new player. What server did you join?