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People will only listen to reason after they run out of crazy.
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[Mari Server] Characters: Naiya, Feynara, Lilanya, and a dozen other alts that only exist for bankspace
  • New Content is Exclusively Limited [Rant]

    A lot of the problems with outdated content simply stem from the (now confirmed) fact that the game's codebase is an unholy chimera of black boxes. The current group of developers doesn't understand most of it and doesn't know how to do much with it. We don't get much new permanent content, or any fixes to long-standing issues, because the people who built the foundations of Mabinogi are long gone, having moved on to other careers, and the current devCat team inherited a mess they don't know how to fix.

    The content creation tools are still there and well understood (compare the detail in new outfits to the old outfits from beta days), but it seems the knowledge of how to actually integrate new things into the game has been lost, so they just throw everything new into gatchas and events.
  • Clothes

    I just wear whatever I like the look of and stick with it until I get tired of it.

    It took me seven years to get tired of my last look. My current one will probably last until the game shuts down.

    I kind of pity the slaves to fashion that are forever on the hunt for the next new outfit.
  • Steam is now broken

    Hey guys, it's the first day of the transition to Nexon Launcher, Let's try to give it some time and hopefully the issues will be resolved soon!

    I know it's the job of the mods to kiss up to the boss, but this level of incompetence is inexcusable. Did they not test this at all before putting it up live?
  • March Update!

    kuronogami wrote: »
    He said he wanted to update and bring old content back to life (ps this is how you actually save a game in game dev) but stated there was a lot of issues since a lot of the mabinogi team didn't know the code in and out due to the game changing staff over time.

    This is what I've been saying for months, and here's the validation. There have been so many changes in staff that nobody who was there at the beginning is still there now. Nobody knows how their game works anymore, probably because the programmers who came and went over the years were required to obfuscate their code and didn't leave notes on what it does. As a result, we have a game full of "black box" systems that nobody can figure out how to update or expand, so they just hang some new bells and whistles on it, and keep the bread-and-circuses stream of events going.

    It's gotten to the point where devCat would seriously be better off just rewriting the whole engine from scratch, but they'd never put in the time and money it would take to do so. They'll just milk it until it dies.

  • How on earth..

    Behold Korean master internet infrastructure, built from the ground up on fiber optics, with the data only having to cross an area the size of Ohio, and not the size of the Moon. For those of us in the West, with our antiquated and decaying legacy infrastructure spanning a vast continent, those response times are a pipe dream.