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  • (Closed) ● Ishasan's Art Café ●

    Obviously what I'm about to say is subjective but, I think you could still easily increase your prices by 5-10m without issue~ E.g bust up 15m
    Ishasan wrote: »
    I will post a wip and after I will require atleast half payment or if you're not comfy 2mil for painteds^^ and the rest is when I'm done~

    And I think you should stick to half or full payment after a WIP. 2mil is way too little compensation for a worst case scenario where you finish and show something like a painted full body and the commissioner disappears without paying the rest. Just imo obviously >_<

    I'm also a bit interested, but since I'm on Alexina, I wanted to ask if you're okay accepting gold through the gold transfer service. If you're concerned about anything, you can just wait till you're paid before starting on anything if you decide to work with me :>

    Thank you and good luck with your shop!
  • (Closed) ● Ishasan's Art Café ●

    Hey I did a quick peek at your old shop prices~

    At the very least, the value of gold from when you last ran your shop has increased in value by 3-4x roughly to give an idea. Art pricing is subjective, so it's hard to say when something is "too expensive", but it's very easy to figure out if something's "too cheap".

    For example if you get overloaded in orders or if don't feel good after you do a few commissions, you're probably under pricing yourself for the amount of effort you put in, which is something you want to avoid as much as possible.
  • Your most nostalgic/best memory of mabinogi

    My favorite memory is accidentally deleting all of my screenshots of memories because the support team suggested re-installing Steam to be able to play the game from Steam. Not salty at all even though it's my fault technically
  • Return to Doki Doki Island!

    LF> Consolation prize after saving up my cat's eyes for THREE years. I'm over the lost $, but even a 10:1 ratio of conversion into the new cat's paws would be appreciated...
  • (KR) Winter Royal Box

    They need to do away with all of these colors and metal tints that you can't dye yourself.

    It's fine if they want those to be the default colors, but what was the point of increasing the numbers of pieces you can dye from 3 to 6 if we're losing customization over the years?

    It's one of my favorite parts of Mabi when we don't look at how silly gachas are.