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February 20, 1992
  • PSA: It is now possible to tame a 5 star horse


    These previously untameable beings can now be tamed with the new minimum success rate, and this success rate finally grants us the long awaited 5 star horse. Now no one suddenly come out now and say that it was super secretly always possible. I tried many, many times before this with 500+ hot spring baits and all taming success titles and bonuses. Got it in about 6 tries now.

    Now go my fellow animal tamers and get your 5 star horse!
  • Question about Pets


    Pet's cumulative level does indeed raise its stats. It does this by the pet's skill Shine of Eweca.

    There is also changing perks as you said, but another main point of rebirthing your pet is to maximize its stat growth. Pets gain more of certain stats at certain ages. The new pet stat system saves your pets highest stat gain for each individual stat, and keeps it locked at that number between rebirths unless the stat goes higher. So, if you want your pet to be the strongest it can be, you will have to rebirth it 1-4 times and level it up at different ages, AND you will have to age it up to age 10 or more for the age up stats. For some pets it is really easy, they might not even need to rebirth outside of setting a perk, but others, like Ceraunus and Corgis are a complete nightmare to gain all of their stats, and can take like a year to get fully stat grown. You can check on the wiki for pet's level up stat growths and decide which age you want to level your pets at. Pets will always keep their highest stat growth through each rebirth. This is, of course, rather daunting, so I would only recommend it if you are minmaxing your pet. It can add a rather large amount of stats to pets that aren't fully stat gained.

    For an example, to maximize the growth of a Warrior Corgi ( ), you would have to level it to 200 at age 1. Then have it age up to age 11. Then rebirth it. Then keep it level 1 until age 2. Then raise its level to 200. Then age it up to age 11 again. Then do age 4 and age 5 the same. Age 3 can be skipped. Then your corgi will be maximized.
    It seems this is the way they are going to balance strong pets now? I am not sure. Older and weaker pets are much easier to maximize such as Kingfisher ( ) which needs just age 2 leveling, or Fallen Fairy ( ) which just needs age 1 and age 2 completed.
  • Deep-forest Comfortable Treehouse

    Yes, you do get the kit back if you remove the house. You will have to start your house over from a tent, though. The kit is the only thing returned.

    It tells you this when you go to remove it.


    If you just have a mansion it says this instead:


    Then I tested it myself by taking down my Wisteria House:


    The kit was returned.
  • Royal Alchemists: We need Cylinder Upgrades [Nao]

    Same, but someone gonna get them all at this rate, lol.
  • Exploration Investigation quest


    I found a spot that an artifact was hidden but it wouldn't let me dig there, so I moved here.
    It took me 3 digs to fully uncover the fish.
    Land maker exploration is much more precise than normal exploration, so it can be tricky.
    I used an Adventurer's L-rod to find the exact location