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Quitting Mabinogi for... I don't know how long. I am just tired of logging in to do pretty much nothing. Between unfair late-game content and the rampant reforge elitists, I have little desire to play. Farewell laggy hamster servers, I probably will not miss you.


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  • Gingerbread Event is Stupid

    asnscorpio wrote: »
    Terror1976 wrote: »
    THe trick is Windmill it while its resting to stop its Hp regen .

    Thought they might have updated it like the dragons. Can't windmill reset those anymore.

    Why would they update him? He's a trash event boss.

    To make it a more enjoyable event that doesn't require idling for how long?
  • Phoenix Egg Event

    Phoenix Egg Hatching Event, same old mechanics since 2012.

    It is almost as if the only thing the devs have control of is the prize pool... lets face it, that's probably the case.
  • Phoenix Egg Hatching Event

    Here are the time cut offs, assuming you stay online all day until the 7:00 PM PST hatching time and not log out or disconnect:
    If you've logged in after 5:00 PM PST, you are locked to 3 phoenix feathers
    If you've logged between 2:00 - 4:59 PM PST, you can get the Regular Gift Box
    If you've logged between 9:00 AM - 1:59 PM PST, you can get the Fine Gift Box (incubated with with at least one: campfire or music)
    If you've logged before 9:00 AM PST, you can get the Finest Gift Box (only if you incubated with the campfire and the music)

    Edit: The short version (All in PST): Finest | 9:00 | Fine | 2:00 | Normal | 5:00 | Bupkis | 7:00 | Hatching time
  • Real Talk: The Gender Imbalance in Mabi

    If they made it unisex, I would be content. If I had the option to run around in a dress, I'd take it.
  • Mystic Memory Box

    No folks, the gachapon has the wig, wings and outfits within them; it is not exclusive to the coin shop.