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Quitting Mabinogi for... I don't know how long. I am just tired of logging in to do pretty much nothing. Between unfair late-game content and the rampant reforge elitists, I have little desire to play. Farewell laggy hamster servers, I probably will not miss you.


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  • Forced Solo Memory Dungeons need to be removed

    Also, not one of you has told me what playing as Arenen through that particular dungeon has added to the story what couldn't have been achieved with a single line of text or the cut scene at the end of the dungeon. I see lots of disagreeing with me but no one has addressed this. How does playing the dungeon from Arenen's pathetic point of view add anything to the story? He could have said, I went through the dungeon and when I got to the end this was what I saw: cue the cut scene. We would still have his memory and still it would be narratively from his point of view.

    You want a text adventure instead? Why play the game if you replace gameplay with a line of text? You seem to hate a challenge. RP quests are all absolutely possible to complete. You need to learn how to play the game if you do not know how using skills work. Whats so hard about using smash, defense, counterattack and windmill? You're whining about these very basic skills; about cooldowns; about defending only one attack. You are meant to play with the rules the RP has given you giving you a (not impossible) challenge.

    You know what me and other people say when we overcome these challenges?: "I did it".
  • What pets should be level 200 and why?

    Okichi wrote: »
    I'm mainly a life skill person and was wondering if a Sheep would benefit from being lv200? anyone know any tips for a tailor (for pet levels I mean).

    Life skill pets are not really good to level up to 200. While yes you can get more mp from leveling up and thus gather more materials from your sheep/cow/herb pig/gnu before it needs a recharge, it is not necessary. They will also lose mp as they age to almost crippling amount. BUT bring the pet to the hotsprings and let it sit in the pool of tranquility (the healing one) and the little bugger will constantly be regenerating MP. No more using MP potions. No more camping in Alby Arena. No more using Fantastic Chorus. Just let the pet sit back at the hot springs and just shave away.
  • Scheduled Game Update - May 17th

    "We would like to introduce the Caravan Joe's McGuffin Collection Event! Collect buttons, bottle caps and pocket lint every 35 minutes! Do this five times a day! Participate everyday and you will be rewarded with the Shiny Homestead McGuffin prop!"

    Let us hope they learned their lesson.
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  • Why is it always mabinogi?

    Many MMOs use the same formula:

    Pick a class. Have a strict role and very specific logical build to be useful. Equipment is class based and have level requirements. Skills are learned through levels.
    Mabi allows you to learn anything and wear anything (restricted to race and gender) not based on how strong you are.

    Adventure through precariously placed quests from Area level 1 to Area level 5. Repeat the adventuring through the linear world. You can draw a line through the world map between the leveled areas. There may be some "story" that ties these areas together.
    Mabi is different, its more akin to an (albeit small) open world. The generation quests have you going pretty much all over the continents and dungeons with multiple difficulties that have difficulty that are stronger and weaker to each other (kinda less after the dungeon revamp...).

    Mabi is very unique and I do not know any other game that is like Mabi.
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  • Please Extend The Sound Of Spring Event

    I think things got worded wrongly and ideas were put down in the direction of muddled. Lets see if I can clarify the extra wood thing:
    It is not a matter of if I am able to submit wood that I got from a different day than the current time. All of the wood is the same, regardless when it is obtained (they stack together indiscriminately). What is the important factor is the daily limit. Yes, I can submit 5 wood that I obtained from the other day, but I submitted it for the current day, I still have the current day 5 essences of spring which means "extra" wood for the current day. Are we able to turn in this extra wood? No, we can not. We have a 5 wood per day limit and there is no going around it.