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  • OMG I just had an epiphany!!!

    When i whiff on 10 fine reforges in a row, its Mabinogi Never Again
  • OMG I just had an epiphany!!!

    And when there's maintenance, its Mabinogi Not/Available
  • PSA: Please summon candy sprites near candy npc's

    aeternitis wrote: »
    I say if someone grinds or pays good money for them in the AH, they can spawn them wherever they want.

    You know how they say
    "The true test of civilization is whether you will, without any reward or punishment, return a shopping cart to its origin"

    Its a tiny, TINY bit of extra effort that benefits a general group to which you belong. It doesn't benefit you directly to return a shopping cart, it doesn't inconvenience you, its an action that shows the world that you're a functional member of society without being prompted, and if everybody did it, the super market would be a better place overall.

    This is the same thing.
    Of course you can spawn your thing wherever you want. Its yours. Do what you want.
    But if you choose to not share something, where there are zero downsides, then you might just be the kind of person that doesn't return a shopping cart.
    Do you want to be that person?
  • Wish Upon a Star Candy

    found 2 tickets today while spamming SMs for stardust mats. May have ran about 40 total over the course of the day. Just ballparking numbers, I ran about 70% beginner level SMs, 20% hard, and 10% elite. I am 100% sure 1 ticket drop was from a beginner level SM. The other, im not sure, but odds are it was beginner level as well.

    I'll probably keep spamming beginner level SMs, since it seems like its been working out for this event at least.

    Here's hoping good samaritans just spawn the tickets in the middle of dunby 24/7 :P
  • Josh Strife Hayes - mabinogi

    Magicmario wrote: »

    Thats definitely fair, and all those opinions are valid.
    - not liking the youtuber is fair
    - not liking the youtuber's reviews is fair
    - not liking the way he names his videos is fair
    - not caring about what the guy has to say about mabi is fair
    - not wanting to have him review the game is fair
    - not wanting to have threads bashing mabi is fair

    I just dont like telling people to leave because they wanted to talk about a youtuber they liked.
    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Well, welcome back.

    Thanks, its good to be back.