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MEMENTO HYPE!! Can we please get this Q~Q


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March 12, 1996
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Stop staring at my profile....>3>
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I like anime, arguing with Daraeus, and eating food.
  • Return to Doki Doki Island!

    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    I can fish again!

    Potato digging time!!! :D

    I had a question actually, looking at the stuff for getting flight, if I already have sweetheart's flight do I have to worry about finding a partner to get the other, or can I just relax and gather snap?

    You can get the other flights via the Cat's Paw Exchange Shop. The new one, Moonlight couples flight, is only available through the paw shop.
  • Login Screen Design Art Contest

    Aell wrote: »
    Now this looks interesting. :)
    One question though, since it's an anniversary event, should the drawings look somewhat festive or fit the latest generation quests? Or anything is fine as long as it is relevant to Mabinogi?

    Anything is fine as long as it's relevant to Mabinogi!
    etri wrote: »
    If I could get a couple of details clarified regarding submission, that'd be great!!
    • Are we free to sign our own work, or do we forfeit any and all personal attachment we have to our artwork upon submission? Or will credit be given? (eg. something like "Drawn by [ IGN ] from [ Server Name] Server, NA Region" will be printed somewhere on the img, etc.)
    • In regards to one of the submission requirements [ Not be released through personal media ], does it make it a hard NO to upload our art to personal media if chosen as one of the winners? Could we upload a portion of the artwork elsewhere and just not be able to upload the full resolution image? And is this restriction only in place during the time frame of the competition and we're free to upload artwork elsewhere after artwork has been judged?
    • Will submissions judged more on creativity, or artistic ability? Is it possible to get a ratio on that?

    This ended up sounding more formal than I intended, but I'd like to know specifics before diving straight in. hahaha

    I will get some confirmation on this!
  • It arrived!!!

    I'm glad you enjoyed our little card :D

    Greta wrote: »
    That's too cute~ <3

    Indeed, Greta. Just like you. B)

    And you too! @Nkeona

  • Nexon I love U guyz but...

    Sorry guys my description was wrong D:

    Please don't hurt me Q~Q
  • Holiday Art Contest [DISCUSSION]

    Hello everyone! Please see the updated Art Contest Post!