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December 16, 2016
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  • How many more years do you think Mabi has left?

    Greta wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    Korore wrote: »


    What was that? @FoolieCoole Can you pm me what she said? lol.

    I just:P'ed cause it got removed. Assuming something inappropriate.

    Oh okay. Lol rip. Must have been very inappropriate since the whole post got removed.

    Oh no Koro removed the post, we didn't touch it.
    It was just about why she decided to leave the game and vfm team.

    It is a little off topic though, so how about we just go back to the original all topic, but also try to be a little more respectful to others.
  • im actually mad about the candy bonanza

    I am disappointed. I do not blame Saygo for not communicating the entirety of the event, because he was not around to know what we actually liked, but I wish I knew beforehand. Of the few AFK events, I did not feel overly beholden to log in for hours, because the amount of rewards scaled, namely the dyes from the candy jars, among other things. I will admit, I feel entitled to a previous version of the event that went on without a problem, unlike Hamlet Delegation, in a similar way to Dungeon Passes, in that taking away what we already "had" feels more like a jerk move than never giving it to us in the first place. The expectation is that Nexon will not take away without good reason, and I do know why they would nerf said events. The droprate is lowered, but apparently fishing is out as well, and it is more a login reward. That being said, a forced AFK event is much worst than this nerfed version of Candy Bonanza.

    I don't feel the drop rate is lowered at all though. The Fishing event that was normally released with this event would give us more candy jars which made us feel like we were getting more dyes, props, etc.

    I do find this portion of the event really good for those that want to rank up their homesteads quickly, since farming takes a lot less time now, so its not that much of an AFK event (to me) more like a boost event.
  • Completed Succubus Queen's Set

    I know Mari has a couple of fiend outfits, however the pattern was bought in a player shop so no idea where it dropped from.
  • Impossibility

    I moved this to the right section since it doesn't have to do with the actual game.

    Its nice and all for the GMs to post a bit, but if they posted in every single thread then they would have to take their attention away from their actual work to post.
    While it is part of the CMs job to handle the forums, it is not the only thing they have to manage, so posting in every thread would be too time consuming for them as well.

    Also -
    Admins (Community team members like the CM)- Orange
    Other Nexon teams - Blue
    Volunteers -Red
  • Greetings I am new

    Was about to ask what server you are playing on.

    I'm also a Marian, add Dealer if you end up in Mari.