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i'm weak, and what's wrong with that
  • Fashionogi Summer 2020

    There's something weird about this beach.. and there's something weird about this ice cream. I'm not sure they're meant to glow like this. But y'know.. what's the worst that could happen?

    Aton Cimeni won't mind if we swim in here, right? Whoa, I feel great!!

    Alpin is super busy in the summertime, there's a lot to do in the castle gardens. So if he can't visit the banquet, i'll bring the banquet to him!! He even made a flower crown for my pet- wAIT! WE HAVE TO TAKE A PICTURE FIRST!!

    IGN: Daktaro
    Server: Alexina
  • Re:ZERO Crossover In Mabinogi Japan

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    Hey look we can all rejoice we get a free tracksuit. even though a noragami crossover would be cool it'd be another tracksuit
    i can't look at the suspiciously blinged out w/e without thinking of yato tbh lol
    tryna dye mine like that but aint got the right colours yet
    Radiant Dawnvioletkitt
  • Homestead Housing Update

    i get that 500k initial and 200k to renew isn't way too much
    personally though reckon the creation and ability to decorate should be free, or a 1-time payment only (decorations themselves still cost). but then you'd have to pay the leasing fee in later update to sell things from your house etc
  • The sound of rain ingame creeps me out

    it plays 3 descending notes over and over
    like some kind of wind instrument
    i hate it

    i posted a thread about it years ago in the old forum so it's gone now but back then people told me i was hearing things >:[
    glad others actually hear it now

    edit: made a dang video
    my chara goes into combat mode when the sound is happening
    lil bit delayed cuz my reaction time is terrible but should be good enough
  • Treasure Box Event

    based on the fact i got a hamelin trans medal gonna say with almost certainty that the announcement is outdated again
    same thing happened in the 2016 event
    the dyes you get are actually 000000 Black, FFFFFF White, CF0000 Red, FF6200 Orange and 00FFEE Cyan
    the trans medal list is Golden Monkey, Mysterious Cat, Quest Board, Crystal Ball, Transport Helper Ogre, James, Juliet, Romeo, Red Panda, Hamelin
    last time instead of checking drops and updating the list, staff added "and more!" to the end

    if anyone gets an undercover or party NPC trans, or a green dye, or a purple dye... please correct me...
    i would be happy to be wrong...