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i'm weak, and what's wrong with that
  • Bag, Umbrella, Or Gamble?

    Does it give an animation?

  • Elf archery misses too much without vision of lade

    Raichii wrote: »
    What even is Shot of God though. My understanding of it is out of range spam the misses until 1 shot hits via luck. I don't see any YouTube videos stating otherwise. You are welcome to link this Shot of God in action whereas no shots would miss because it's a god shot. Thanks

    shot of god is when you release the arrow at a certain frame in the animation where it never misses
    it was something like.. you release at the very moment the arm pulls back to its furthest point before switching into the 'holding aim' animation
    so if you do it right you can land hits out of range and/or at 0% aim

    idk if the frame actually exists or is just a random glitch that happens sometimes
    but i practised it and was able to do it back in 2014 lol
    i could never do it consistently though because my timing is very bad and i live in new zealand so the delay is also very bad
  • How about that Cave of Trials?

    Daktaro wrote: »
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Also, as an additional bit of unimportant info, since you said you didn't have any experience with the Duke before, if you manage to get a Critical Counterattack, Duke will lose more and more of his outfit.
    It doesn't seem to do anything special in this version of the fight, but it's just something interesting.
    lol what!!! really!!!
    i had to for science
    Radiant DawnTwelieWolfandWolfJazmyn
  • How about that Cave of Trials?

    Kysirai wrote: »
    Duke keeps one shotting me with his stupid teleporting idiocy. I get that if you have the debuff and if he ports to you you'll die but I've no clue how to do this stupid mechanic properly outside of the luck of not getting hit or just killing him before he has a chance to hit me.

    fleet feet/demi/speed potion etc anything that can make you faster, and ranged attacks
    if you're fast enough, his teleport range is too small to catch up
    just never let yourself get close to him then it's easy
  • What Would You Want Fix In Mabi

    Fweep wrote: »
    • (I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen BUT) That thing where, when finding a statue/box/etc through exploration, it immediately disappears.
    what i think may happen here is the exploration treasures move around in all the different spawn locations on a timer. so for example if you took a snapshot of 1 point in time, there would not be a treasure at every single spawn location. so when you find it and it disappears it's timer has just ran out and it's moving to a new location. idk if this is actually true though anyone correct me if i'm wrong T v T

    pretty sure this is what happens with those stones for the music knowledge quest with all the bottles and you have to play the correct note etc, regardless.