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October 13, 1992
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There is always some madness in love but there is always some reason in madness.
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  • Festia Anniversary Screenshot Contest [Submission]

    cant seem to get my picture to show :< will try again later if not i just wont enter

    Psst - go download Gyazo. :D
    Free to download and use. Once you take a screenshot using it, a browser will pop up and the all you need to do is take the direct link (I think) and put it in using the url thing here for posting pictures. It's either the direct or HTML link, but I assume it's the direct.
  • Festia Anniversary Screenshot Contest [Submission]


    Name: Miruha
    Server: Mari

    Atelia has always been my favorite NPC in Festia. I always wish I could sit with her at her crystal ball to have a more authentic feel of having my fortune told.
  • how do i get back into event area...

    lots people got screwed over if they disconnected

    unsure how many other got screwed over like i did because i thought channel hopping wouldnt count as leaving since still be in same area just a different channel..

    soo dumb

    please dont make event requirements like this in future @Nexon

    You channel hop when in a shadow mission or dungeon, you leave that shadow mission or dungeon. And you aren't going to be able to reenter that dungeon or SM. It's not stupid, you just should have actually read and followed what Shuan said. There wasn't any fighting. It was just moving form one "Dream" to the next and talking to everyone. It was simple. I, personally, don't think the +1 luck title was worth it. Could have given something better, but I logged in completely confused as to what was going on. Still did the event, though.
  • Sword Art Online Mabinogi Crossover Event!!!


    I hated those events. They were so irritating and WAY too time consuming when I could have been off doing other things.
    While the enchants and titles were okay, I didn't really want or need them and I only want the potion bag from that event. (Since I seem to have lost mine).
    Other than that, I'm SO good on another SAO event. If we're doing another cross over, I'd prefer the FMA cross over everyone has been wanting, or some other better anime. Not SAO.
  • Style slots for main and offhand

    Greta wrote: »
    My eyes will bleed if i see a guy using bow, but when attacking, it will have sword animation instead. This sounds like a ridiculous nightmare to me.

    would you rather a bow do long range melee attacks instead ?
    Or how about we just keep weapons the way they are? Because I feel that that would feel like a hack or some kind of unfair thing when people decide on PVP. I like my bow and crossbows shooting arrows and bolts and my swords doing the slashy stabby stuff that it does.