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November 12, 1995
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"Greatness can start in the unlikeliest of places."
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i just go on to afk nowadays...
  • Returned after 5 years and im lost

    thanks for the info looks like i have a bit of new generation quests to catch up on
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Hi, I'd like to show one of my old outfits which I don't wear too often anymore. I finally rebirthed back to 10 yrs old after taking a 2-3 week break from mabi. I came back seeing how the new clothes are still as pricey as ever, so I dug around my Dressing Room to see if there was anything interesting to show. I wore the Water Shaman Outfit back when I was still into red and I decided not to redye anything since red dyes are still expensive and I'd feel like I wasted those dyes. Anyway the shaman outfit with the combination of the Afterschool Shoes look similar to what you would wear when working out. It looks a bit tomboyish but I like the design from the waist up.


    Outfit: Water Shaman Outfit
    Headpiece: Headphones
    Gloves: Bunny Parka Bracelet
    Shoes: Afterschool Shoes
    Wings: Black Angel Wings
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Hi, Since I was almost able to fit the age requirement for this outfit when I found it in my dressing room last week I decided to wait it out. I absolutely love the new Patissiere Wig from the attendance ever since I saw it on a thread with the full set, I haven't taken it off since I got it. :D
    I did have a hard time choosing what to wear for the shoes, but I managed to find these Anti-Fomor Boots in a shop for a decent price.


    Outfit: Short Swordsmanship School Uniform (F)
    Head: Patissiere Wig (F)
    Shoes: Anti-Fomor Boots (F)
    Gloves: Battle School Gloves
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Hi, I'm finally back after waiting almost a week. Turns out my hard drive got fried so I'll have to reinstall everything.

    Since I missed out on a few rebirths I'm able to wear some of those age restricted clothes which I never get a chance to because I always reset my age to 10. This outfit gives a village girl kind of look which is a bit under appreciated in my opinion, its all about the new and flashy outfits these days so its nice to try out some plain and simple pieces time to time(there are some nice clothes u can find in shops and tailor patterns after all). Luckily it didn't need to be dyed too much since i don't have time to look for any yet.


    Head: Neat Half Ponytail Wig
    Body: Two-Tone Bizot Dress
    Gloves: Afterschool Bracelet
    Shoes: Ella's Strap Boots
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    Congrats to eveveryone who won! As expected @Anemki got 1st place, the outfits you post are always so gorgeous :D

    As for me, I haven't been posting for a while since my pc broke down a few days ago :( hopefully it'll get fixed soon so I can post more outfits.