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  • Can we please have the VIP update?

    I'm hoping they'd revamp Prem/VIP by black friday. I bought enough NX for 360 days of Prem. I bought x2 90 day packages, then accidentally bought the wrong day package on the 3rd attempt, so I only had enough for the fourth attempt at 90 day package of Prem. Sent a ticket.

    They wouldn't do anything because apparently "I was using their product". Fact, I already had enough prem to last through end of November anyways.

    Nexon is such a greedy bastard. Shame on you.
  • Inventory Expansion

    Ooooh! 15 bucks for 2 columns per tab!

    ..................wish they did this sooner >.> I guess I can put 4-5 more bags. Maybe a couple doll and squirrel bags.
  • Elf buff for Strength and debuff for intelligence?

    Daktaro wrote: »
    why are people seeing: elf should specialise in magic > they don't though > the description is wrong/outdated/useless
    rather than: elf should specialise in magic > they don't though > the state of the race needs attention/update

    ? i don't get it

    Aelf/Elf = faerie/faery = magic folk because superstition I guess? The entire Avalon is the land of the Faeries and every creature is magical/mythical, and we're in a fantasy game where we include elves. Of course elves are expected and known for their strong magic. It's been that way since their creation of lore and in the last 20-40 years of books/movies/games/etc.

    The elves in lore are always associated with strong ties to high magic or spirituality. The game lore also mentions the elves tied to higher magic due to Iria/Neamhain creating them to be a race with magic specialty,. In actuality, the elves in mabi are just using that to distinguish themselves from giants, and create an elf-nocentric ideology, making them appear as a lesser but godly race compared to giants, to appear superior to giants since the both the two races were brought forth from Neamhain. The description itself isn't wrong at all, it is outdated though. You may 'think' or 'feel' the statements are false, but this affirms their original intentions in making elves the best/superior in magic. There's a few references throughout the in-game, as well as ingame books that affirms Elves having higher magic affinity. The problem is that the game is never 'consistent' in bringing it up, as they focused more on the human than elf/giant cultures.

    some people may think because today's elves 'aren't' the true owners (specialists/masters) of magic, then we might as well scrap the idea anyways since Dev seems to want everyone to be equally proficient, and have equal access to magic talent.

    Come to think of it, going back to elven magic missile, there are skills that have influences of 'magic' blended within non-range/magic skills like rage impact or FH.

    Our pathetic excuse of a Martial Arts talent is just street fighting/boxing, and their idea of 'magic swordsman' talent is a player holding a sword, with a bolt loaded (forget elementally enchanting equips)
  • Elf buff for Strength and debuff for intelligence?

    I said that partly as a joke, but "True OP Race" is the part I see as crazy.

    I'm not saying elves couldn't use a buff, but when elves rant on the forums, they tend to completely ignore their own advantages. This may not be what you mean, but it sounds like 'Elves should be the best at magic and archery, and just as good as humans in everything else", and it seems to be an underlying message in most elf QQing. Maybe it's just me.

    Anyway, I'm glad you can relate, because it's difficult to put into words. I don't want elves to be shafted - I want everything to be balanced, and that includes elves, giants, and humans all having their own equally valuable (in total) things. But it's really annoying how elves won't stop complaining, and more specifically, exactly how they go about it - often listing the strengths of giants and humans, and then ignoring their corresponding strengths . This is why I try to correct this whenever I see it.

    Anyway, I see what Kaga meant about breaking the hard cap now. Not gonna lie, while I was looking forward to something being able to do this, I'm pretty disappointed in this method. I always thought that Transformations (and only transformations) should do it. The buffs are basically just meaningless power creep.

    Honestly when it comes to bash, having bash is better than not having it and with the nice bonus damage it gives, any elf complaint about bash is a lil silly

    As for elf QQ, we don't ignore our advantages. The problem is that other races don't have issues with their own disadvantages that can be countered with their other strengths or perks. Elves don't have anything to offset their disadvantages in the same manner other races do.

    "It's mostly just that some (most) of the time elf QQ tends to be hyperbolic and unyielding, and everything no matter how seemingly unrelated or silly it is feeds into Nexon's secret war with them. There is an imbalance and addressing it is reasonable, but a lot of elves tend to"

    I agree that it can tend to be hyperbolic, and its a secret war as silly as it sounds in 'equal treatment' and 'equal opportunities' if you get what i mean lol. Elves tend to ramble because you'd have to play elf for a 'really' long while. After using archery for so long, you feel cheated. One of my biggest gripes is the controversial/contradictions within the game mechanics/game logic where giants are seen as 'poor' in archery but have no need to aim or dexterity, can instant hit anything within 2k range, as opposed to elves who are the most dexterous, which means we'd have the highest accuracy.

    This may sound childish but it really is annoying being interrupted of your skill/talent you main like Team Skull is in your face slapping your coffee during break. Those videos are so hilarious though.

    I think elves are meant to be shafted at the way things are going with the renovation update -> racial update

    "I said that partly as a joke, but "True OP Race" is the part I see as crazy."

    I think true OP race only if they were accurately depicted as masters of magic, and magic in itself is OP. Personally I am fine with humans being the OP or master race. I just wish to see more 'balance' to the giants/elves on either side of the balance scale. been in game since the update? Those crazy instant load magnums are scary.

    That..I believe requires certain conditions/requirements for that to happen, if you're talking about spamming those blank shots and I have not yet achieved that yet...I'm still more or less nearly there in mastering sog.

    Instant load mag shots mean nothing if you can't utilize ....well whatehver the term players use these days, I'll just say zero shot for sake of convenience to distinguish from sog. Only those who have been taught or stuck around early mabi days would know how to do that.
  • KR mabi player first time playing American Mabi

    Too western perhaps. we are filthy piggies

    Grea wrote: »
    Arjune wrote: »
    I think we scared this person away....

    Too strong of a welcome possibly? Too random? Too..something?

    Well, at least it's a warm hearted, salty tear filled and forced smile welcome from the QQers. I'm on Tarlach, so I'm kind of on the "Alexina gets all the fun with newbies" train.


    You should join us in Alexina =D