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  • Oh Dear

    Lutetium wrote: »
    Y'all don't have UBlock Origin and automatically block sideloaded fonts?

    I do just that I didn't know it did that I only downloaded it because it works well on FireFox, not that I cared about fonts anyway though.
  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - November 14th

    nikyah wrote: »
    Will the lost boy boxes stay in our inventory?


  • When you least expect it.

    Sherri wrote: »
    Veylaine wrote: »
    Gaby5011 wrote: »
    Why not conflict? Much faster and can have others give you the enchants.

    I know its faster but you need people for that and most people spamming conflict right now want elite or hm for higher chances of SG box rolls. I can clear SCC by myself in one minute and 30 seconds, before you ask, most of my friends are not active or busy now and my guild is dead atm.

    and its not like I desperately needed to get it done either so running at maximum efficiency wasn't necessary for me I had already received r1 enchant 4 hours after I posted this. I had enchant pots for r7+ only needed to manually train ranks F-8, with the help of mage talent, lvl 160 and the royal 3x skill pot from fantastic memory event shop, and 2x magic skill pot.

    a bit off topic: Started going for meteor master while I was under the boosts effects but seems it'll go to waste since power is going off and on in my area due to the freezing temperatures. ( most of US especially eastern south and north states along with my state texas are experiencing sheer cold weather).
    I spam SCC as well, usually two friends accompany me, but if I'm alone I usually do Their Method. All of these are Hard Mode except if someone grabs an Elite SCC, then we run that. :p
    Personally, I've only been getting Monochromatic Dye Packs (white.. lots of white..) and a few random things here and there (3 blue upgrade stones, appearance scrolls, Christmas gloves/shoes)

    atm I'm only spamming when a friend asks for help, I have one friend who logs in occasionally now because of this event and he sometimes asks help with spam, but other than that im not spamming missions unless for weird specifics like the aforementioned enchant bundles from basic/int missions. SCC is faster for me than their method because the zombie spots are randomized while the SCC spots are always the same and WM typical kills them in one hit. ( atm besides the helm, the best I've gotten is dye packs)
  • When you least expect it.

    was doing basic SCC runs to get enchant bundles to start training enchant when suddenly...

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  • Why do Milletians Leave so Much Gold on da Ground?

    depends on numerous things. but ill talk about sms mainly because it would paint a good picture on why I leave gold on the ground sometimes.

    If its something like BFT2 ( battle for taillteann II) where im constantly moving to new location when a wave is defeated. Then no I don't pick it up, even with doll bags they would barely get a chance to pick up gold from the huge luckies before we move on the next wave. Now for things like SW (shadow wizard) where theres multiple waves before you have to advance to next location or offering/provo where you don't move at all ill use doll bags. Similar logic can be used for dungeons since a good chunk of rooms have three waves, sometimes just one. Even in those instances I sometimes just forget and go into auto-pilot of kill everything to finish said combat because thats the main reason I do these runs is to kill stuff and sometimes help someone kill stuff.

    Its been a long time (almost two years) since I've heard of people being butthurt because someone is picking up gold instead of speeding up the fighting, but thats just my experience. As someone already said more power to them if they want to pick up gold that I didn't bother to get at least it'll get used instead of disappearing lol.

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