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  • Anyone gotten a black bag yet?

    ShouK wrote: »
    Arjune wrote: »
    Greta wrote: »
    False. Shenon title was also obtainable through Samhain Event in shop for 20 S coins. And the event was back in 2016 and 2017. So it's only been like one year from last time event happened.

    Ok I still won't change my opinion just because you proved one of my points wrong. Also I'm pretty sure most people bought the more important items with their coins.... like the birman bag coupons and the Sion and Shenon Friends Forever 2nd Title Coupon
    Lul the samhain event was spammable enough that you can pretty much get everything from it, and still has enough coins left to sell the event items. I made like 30m++ from selling the event items iirc. If I didn’t have finals at the time, I could’ve spam more and get more coins.

    both of you are kind of missing the point that or you just want to point out that rewards are similar ( meaning maybe you're not missing the point but want to shift the convo to something else), anyways back in 2016 when I still had my account new and fresh since I forgot how to login to my old account. During that 2016 samhain event the best I had was archery and not much else training. Being an elf archer meant that I was super squishy with no other skills trained especially bad when the waves of cobweb mummies appeared. Only thing I could hope for was the hot time events to get coins. of course now I have the means to steamroll samhain event, but not then and that was before potential system even got introduced.

    This event is still helpful to new players or players who didn't have the means to get a fishing title from previous events. Of course veterans really don't have much to gain from this event, but nexon can't please everyone, and this seems apparent in a lot of games actually where they sometimes cant please veterans or newer players, those who play very actively ( almost everyday) to who casually play ( maybe login weekly monthly, etc ). Also the samhain event came back about half duration for the timed rebirth pot event so still people wouldn't gotten enough AP in that event to train to do samhain if they were barely new, yes there was that fiasco where the rb pots didn't disappear by the double rainbow but a lot of people didn't expect that.

    To conclude yeah this event is probably worth even less to some veteran players and maybe even some new players its not worth thier time but this event still has items for some people no matter what and knowing nexon theres always other events or just regular gameplay to do, and considering that this game has fishing events every now and then getting a fishing 2nd title would be nice for newcommers.
  • Why do people constantly insist that mabi is dying

    @Unisex I know it wasn't serious, but no matter the intent we don't know how others especially newer players would think when they see that some will get it some won,t, I'm speaking from personal experience so take it with a grain of salt, but I had quite of new players be unwilling to ask for help because of the stigma from statements like that. Sorry about the tone policing, its just a personal pet peeve of mine when I see elist tendencies even if they're jokes.
  • Character Appearance Log-in Issue

    @Hardmuscle guess I'll just have to wait lol but yeah I already logged in and took it
  • New player in need of advice

    I'm gonna leave this here I think its a good starting point then you could branch off to harder means
    EDIT: you can get red gems by killing white spiders or hitting props, things like street lamps or signs. the mobs should be really weak for you to kill them and if you're using bard lullaby is your best friend.

    other than that theres HW selling ( getting to use multiple characters to farm the ptj) but its very long process and usually the market is pretty competitive.( I don't really recommend this one but if you don't want combat I guess go with it. )

    I can't think of anything else to help a new player other than to join a guild and quest with them. Hope something I mentioned could be of use to you.
  • ...20 barri basic runs and No Crystal.

    Buffalos wrote: »
    Veylaine wrote: »
    Technically the 2nd crystal can be dungeon instance ( succubus fiend ) but practically it is field monster only

    And then you lock out all the newer/low ended players who just wanted a cool skill because they can't do end game content. On a more important note, my guild went into phantasm and farmed fiends in the boss room for 30 minutes and got no drops.

    funny you say that because the game recommends new players the talent LOL Profile.png