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February 18, 1993
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"Lily the white skinned ghostie, had a very shiny complexion, and if you ever saw it, you'd have retina damage" cit. Totono
  • Login Screen Design Art Contest

    [*] 100,000 NX (NA ONLY)

    [*] 50,000 NX (NA ONLY)

  • Husbando and Waifu Voting Contest

    The Caswyn vs Altam part really let me down... I thought we could have a heated battle like Huw vs Altam got... Caswyn seemed a lot more loved than Huw but it seems not.

    Oh, my lovely stalker is still on the run, wonder if the new recruit will take the throne.
  • what would have made mmo junkie crossover better

    I would have liked a few things:
    - Tree to hang out with people (either a hs prop or a chair)
    - Alby Spam with, at the Boss Room, the huge golden rat you see in the anime that really is a lot present in there. Almost any dungeon run seen in the anime has that mob to kill. Obviously as a random Boss appearance that granted every player in the dungeon the Peas in the Box (same % but would have all 4 getting the item, or lower chances?)
    - More outfits, from the other characters (at least Kanbe and Lilac) or the human counterparts of the two we got.
    - Special Net-juu no Susume Gacha effect, mimicking the episode centered in opening gachas
    A tree appearing (or have an existing tree solely to open gachas) to give you the item you got from opening one

    - Face/Hair/Eyes Coupons to use to costumize your character, like the ones we got for Miku.
  • Holiday Art Contest All Regions [SUBMISSION]


    IGN: Lilyshy
    Server: Mari
    Category: Traditional Art

    I don't have a fireplace, but I can still dream and make my character have one :3
  • G21 is happening

    Asaluanse wrote: »
    hmm are you sure he wasn't like that to begin with ..^^ after all Otome characters are hardly ever as they seem at first glance. <3

    Well, as a matter of fact, I always go for the "ikemen" route in every otome game (the kind and protective one with a handsome image - opposed to the others that usually go for the stereotype: the little one, the sadist, the egocentric, the cold, etc) and he picked my interest since the first moment I saw him while starting G19. So, in my eyes, he always was the ikemen but still had the childish and playful voice, as how he was portrayed made you imagine.

    I mean, I really wanted to make a super NSFW fan fiction with him using exactly the two generation stories he's in

    And to stay in topic: I wonder what story we might get for G21, we left Avelin and Altam watching the gate.