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  • Easier Dan Tests

    We all know how painful Dan Testing can be, struggling with RNG for crits, just to end up not getting enough and having to continuously re do it.
    Some have said that there should be a fix, or some things getting taken out but I don't feel that's the fix that it needs.

    What if instead of taking the hard parts out, or changing the point system. What if we just do a little tweak?
    So as we rank up the skill to be dan tested, we only have to get the training to 100 to take the test. Yet, why even fully train up the skill each time? if we already have the master title then there's just no reason to. Though, we could easily change that.
    What if when we did every single training requirement, we got x2 points during the dan test?
    That way, it can fix the rng problem with those who just want to grind their way to victory instead of relying on their luck.
  • Gender lock

    We all see those people who look like a different gender with the outfits they use. But I still feel it's a bit too limited with exactly how much they can experiment with.
    We all know mabinogi is meant to be live your fantasy and so there shouldn't be a limit to what type of clothes you can wear. Like imagine a girl trying to buy male jeans but they aren't allowed because they are a girl or a guy trying to wear a dress because on the label it says girls only. It's just clothes right?
    Now I'm not asking to give one gender the same stances with weapons as the other, or even the same voice or even sitting pose. But it would make sense if we could dress similar.
  • Broken percentages

    Ever since I played mabi I had to avoid anything involving chance in this game. It could be at 99% and you still fail 25% of the time which makes no sense at all. it actually discourages players to try at all to make themselves stronger when they have to rely on a horrible thought out chance system. 90% is actually 60% and it gets even worse from there.
    I think this needs to be fixed as it's ridiculous. I think they chances of everything should be higher so it's more fair for every player of mabi, not just the people who play mabi all day every day.
  • Why so many timed items?

    So from the events now it seems mostly every single consumable is timed. I don't think that should be a thing as some people cannot use it yet so it holds no value, making the event pointless for them. I can understand the random log in items or the vip items being times since you don't have to do anything. But if someone does an event just to receive an item that's timed it makes them feel like they wasted their time and effort to receive a useless item.