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  • Let's talk about commerce (:

    It's terrible and I'm complaining. I'm glad someone made a thread and you highlighted pretty much every point that needs changed. :)

    I don't do commerce because quite simply, it's boring. The only part of it that I really truly enjoy is bandit hunting, but the board is empty 90% of the time because... no one commerces.
  • What Do You Do During Server-Maintenance ? [Poll]

    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    I've found myself getting back into Minecraft because some friends of my brother who I've been playing with on occasion invited me to their server.
    I've also discovered, in the process of this, that trying to hollow out and make a home out of a previously huge mountain of sand is actually more frustrating and tear-inducing than using said sand to hollow out and make a home out of an ocean monument.

    Which, side note, I actually did do once. In survival. It took over 3 months to completely drain out and kill every block of water in one of those things. Course, now there's this thing called a conduit apparently which apparently allows one to breathe underwater? that could have bypassed that whole process, BUT I get some bizarre bragging rights........?

    Minecraft, I have discovered, is but another step to insanity. What isn't secretly horror, anyway XDD

    Ohhh man I've been on the minecraft train now for at least a year or two again. Playing it pretty much daily. I have explored so many multiplayer servers and come to realize that there's soooo much to do in minecraft haha. It pulls me away from mabi and I'm finding it alot more enjoyable lately :P
  • Signed Items: Thoughts?

    It's sad because now it feels like nexon is telling us all our signatures are meaningless since they will just be eaten by erg and lost forever... :(

    But, yes, Erg is really the only reason on a variety of items that we would want signatures nowadays, as even just having Signed high tier weapons is not necessary seeing as we can get almost any high tier weapon from gacha without signatures and most of the time pre-enchanted/r1'd. :L It's a love-hate relationship as usual with Mabi.
  • Worth Coming Back?

    My advice is, this game is still really fun, especially if you haven't grinded yourself out. You can always find something to do, and there's all kinds of skills to work on that will fit pretty much any playstyle. I always loved this game because it doesn't make you conform to classes or a specific playstyle.

    My advice, log in, and play how you want to play the game, and you'll find enjoyment in it. If you get bored, take a break but check back in weekly to see what events nexon comes up with. If your wife hasn't played mabi before I definitely think it'll be fun for you to see how she decides to play and you may even be inspired by what she comes up with.

    If you are looking for another partner in crime to help you run stuff, welcome to add me. These days I really only login to see if people bug me for assistance. If you end up on the Nao server, just let me know and I'll slide you my IGN :)
  • Lets talk Japari Coin Box.

    Greta wrote: »
    The boxes obviously will vanish after event ends.
    Also this is not like Meowbinogi. Meowbinogi was way better because it had no restrictions. You could farm spins as much as you wanted. And there wasn't any limits of how many boxes you could open a day. I missed the events where you could farm items from killing monsters...

    I scrolled through the comments just to hope that someone would take the words out of my mouth. Thank you for pointing this out.

    I too, miss events that had no restrictions and I actually really miss meowbinogi. It was one of the last good events before they all just became afk'nogi related. I'm so disappointed that they haven't brought back the original meowbinogi yet and instead give us these watered-down versions of it.
    SherriRadiant Dawn