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  • Together in Erinn

    I just wanted to say, I've been gone from mabi for year or two now (I lost count), and seeing this post about the merge; I'm really excited and I'll probably stop in again to play!

    I seen alot of posts that were angry about the merge, mostly in regards to names; I think alot of people are not seeing the big picture. This is about bringing the entire playerbase/community together; So what if you need to change your name or live with some minor inconveniences for a while? We should all be excited to finally be able to play together/shop together/enjoy the game together! That's just my two-cents, and I also wanted to say as someone who was part of the initial merge from Tarlach > Nao, it really wasn't that painful. I have to give Nexon some credit here and there eh? :)

    The ONLY thing I'm concerned with is that 10 channels probably will not be enough; Not because they will be filled necessarily, but because if some of us want to chill on a quieter channel it may be a bit more difficult -- especially for field bosses or raids. However, I'm not sure what the actual player counts have been like lately, sooooo I don't want to complain too soon.

    Either way, just wanted to say thank you to the Nexon team for finally doing this. I'm excited, this game has a special place in my heart, and I'm glad to see it's still here <3
  • 13th Anniversary E-Mail

    courtneyy wrote: »
    I'm also in the same boat, I would love to receive an email, but I had newsletters disabled. I genuinely don't remember disabling the newsletter option. What can/should we do?

    I was also thinking of sending a ticket, but I didn't know if I should. Thanks :)!

    Just a quick update, I did end up sending a ticket, and a GM promptly responded. They got back to me with the character details I was hoping for :)! Ofc, don't forget to enable newsletters in case they do something like this again in the future !
  • Let's talk about commerce (:

    It's terrible and I'm complaining. I'm glad someone made a thread and you highlighted pretty much every point that needs changed. :)

    I don't do commerce because quite simply, it's boring. The only part of it that I really truly enjoy is bandit hunting, but the board is empty 90% of the time because... no one commerces.
  • What Do You Do During Server-Maintenance ? [Poll]

    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    I've found myself getting back into Minecraft because some friends of my brother who I've been playing with on occasion invited me to their server.
    I've also discovered, in the process of this, that trying to hollow out and make a home out of a previously huge mountain of sand is actually more frustrating and tear-inducing than using said sand to hollow out and make a home out of an ocean monument.

    Which, side note, I actually did do once. In survival. It took over 3 months to completely drain out and kill every block of water in one of those things. Course, now there's this thing called a conduit apparently which apparently allows one to breathe underwater? that could have bypassed that whole process, BUT I get some bizarre bragging rights........?

    Minecraft, I have discovered, is but another step to insanity. What isn't secretly horror, anyway XDD

    Ohhh man I've been on the minecraft train now for at least a year or two again. Playing it pretty much daily. I have explored so many multiplayer servers and come to realize that there's soooo much to do in minecraft haha. It pulls me away from mabi and I'm finding it alot more enjoyable lately :P
  • Signed Items: Thoughts?

    It's sad because now it feels like nexon is telling us all our signatures are meaningless since they will just be eaten by erg and lost forever... :(

    But, yes, Erg is really the only reason on a variety of items that we would want signatures nowadays, as even just having Signed high tier weapons is not necessary seeing as we can get almost any high tier weapon from gacha without signatures and most of the time pre-enchanted/r1'd. :L It's a love-hate relationship as usual with Mabi.