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  • Should We Allow Men To Play As Female Characters?

    You know... I've often had this conversation with myself over the last decade or so I've played this game.
    (Forewarning, I didn't read through any posts after the first page, so this may be relative to other opinions, but I wanted to put my two-cents in too =D!)

    As I've gotten older I've come to realize I can see why playing as the opposite gender might seem appealing. I mean... sometimes I get bored staring at female pixels and sometimes I'd like to look at a beefy pixelated guy instead. However, for me, I just can't fathom playing a character that doesn't in some way represent who I am. As such, making my character a guy, even for just a short while, would go against my whole being. Fun fact, I've never rebirthed my character into a guy.

    With that said, I don't see how it can negatively impact anyone else for a person whether it's a guy or a girl to play as the opposite gender in an MMO. I think the problem starts when said person starts lying to the rest of us when we ask them if they are a guy or girl. Usually, we ask those questions because maybe we are thinking about possible future relations with them. To most of us, that's important.

    In contrast, when I first came to realize years ago that people in mabi were playing as opposite genders I was sort of shocked, but at that time I was naive. I can now see the intrigue into playing as the opposite gender, and besides what I mentioned above I don't see any harm in it.

    Sidenote, great question to the OP, I'm really surprised someone decided to make a topic about it!
  • Server MARGE Meme Submission

    Hehe... I had to participate


    IGN: courtneyy
    Server: Tarla... Nao? c:
  • Nexon be lying to us

    Ofelia wrote: »
    That is a very good point.
    However, back when that scroll was released "the Ancient" monsters only dropped that ES.
    Back in the WeeEeeEe days of before time .....there was only maybe a hand full of leather armors in the game.

    It's understandable that nexon overlooked adding the over priced butter armor all the --- ---- ---- ---- ... plus ! there are better ES's you could put on that over priced armor

    Uh, what?

    "Ancient" titled monsters have never dropped "Ancient" es. That enchant when it was first released was only obtainable from Renes Egg Mission as far as I remember. Keep in mind Renes Egg Mission was around before Ancient monsters were a thing, again this is as far as I remember anyway. Friends and I would plop the ES on Lorica Segmentata armor after we'd do these egg protection missions. Sometimes these runs took over an hour to complete as each round gets more difficult.

    Agreed though, there definitely are better enchant options for that armor :L
  • Quick Question - Green Plum Tea

    Lol, well checking back, seems I wasn't the only person having trouble. Except my issue was that I wasn't sure where to look on the cooking menu but I ended up finding out that you have to make Green Plum Jam before you can make the Green Plum Tea, that's why I was confused.

    As for where you get Green Plums (you can get them from any mob drop), I recommend throwing 3 - 4 hours of your life away in Solea Ant Hell just mindlessly kill bats/red ant lions. You might even score some treasure chest keys for fun. Don't forget to equip Master of Ingredient Hunting!

  • Add a "Relist" option for AH Listings + More


    I know the auction house is a fairly new concept, but I wanted to suggest that a button for "Relist" can be added. That way, instead of having to "Retrieve" items that we haven't sold taken down and having it placed back in our inventories, we could just simply click a button and relist it exactly how the original listing was placed.

    More and more I'm finding myself having to waste so much time with the auction house. I wish the system was more fluid. It would be nice to be able to list multiple items at once (maybe a drag and drop feature) instead of having to place them in one at a time. Especially things like dyes. Copying and pasting price amounts over and over again gets old quick.

    Also, any chance we can get more than 12 - 13 max slots for auction listings? I feel so limited.


    courtneyy of Tarlach