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  • imp event titles

    I got the Groovy title just now. Simply play the dancing minigame 1 time without any mistakes.
    I've cracked the code on the final try a few times and haven't gotten a title for that.
  • Musicians of Erinn

    Cover Song: George Frideric Handel / Water Music Suite No. 2
    Server[: Nao
    Maggs / mml, Tuba
    Primrose / Chalumeau
    Zerukan / Flute
    Myaralieu / Cello

  • How the new Concert Hall works

    1 million gold from the party leader. The passes are free -- you can set your ticket price, get staff passes and free tickets when you request your time. There's no announcement, so you're on your own for that.
  • Fun Fun Cart Event?

    It's that there's carts at the beach. The "fun" part is subjective.
    from here:

    Fun Fun Cart
    Head over to Doug located at the Sandwich Cart to learn about how his company is giving out Magical Pieces across Erinn.
    Each employee has different mini-games! Be sure to play each one every real-life day to receive Magical Pieces (Grade 1)
    Head to Doug to play either Smack-A-Thief-Rat or Dance to the Music
    Head to Ice to play Memory Match, Stacky Cake, or Fortune Picking.
    Fortune Picking can be played by exchanging either 50,000 gold or 1 Magical Piece (Grade 1) for a chance of winning 1 million gold!
    Head to Cowan to make Natural Dyes or play a Puzzle game! Unfortunately, neither of these will reward Magical Pieces.
    Natural dyes can be made once per real-life day.
    Most mini-games reset at 12 AM PDT real-time, except the Natural Dye mini-game which resets at 7 AM PDT real-time!
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    I'd been looking for a real fantasy life game with multiple paths. I was waiting for True Fantasy on Xbox, but that project got cancelled. Tried WoW and several clones, can't play them anymore without getting sick since my eye surgery, and get supremely bored by the 'click and watch' combat with no strategy. I initially tried mabi when the age and appearance changing things looked like they'd go well with the kind of game i was looking for. This isn't quite what i'd had in mind, but does come closest.
    There's plenty of things that could be improved -- the dungeons are still boring and the rewards not worth the effort, the lag, so on, but the rest of the game is relaxing to poke around in.
    There's that.. and the guild really keeps it alive for me. When we're done with the storyline quests, we make up our own to keep things interesting.