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  • [FWD]Wind Guard Unintentionally Reverted

    During the g23 update, the Wind Guard skill was unintentionally reverted to a state prior to the Giant Renewal of April 2019; as of the April update, during the Wind Guard skill the correct behavior is that you are NOT stunned and skills are NOT interrupted / cancelled if loaded during Wind Guard and you are attacked / suffer damage.
    The skill is bugged and is behaving like the previous version of the skill where you can be stunned and skills can be cancelled.
    Here is a video of the skill's bugged behavior. Edit: Lol the video captured some of my music, I apologize.
  • Final Strike Reforges?

    hammerhand wrote: »
    Hello All.
    Is Final strike protect the dragon egg a solo Mission?

    No, you do the Renes Egg minigame as usual (1-8 ppl I think) and you have a *chance* of getting the reward in addtion to the Legatus' Gift once you leave. I don't know if you have to do one full round (after the balrogs) but thats what my parties did to be sure.
  • Final Strike Reforges?

    The answer is:
    Final Strike Duration: 20 levels, 1 second per level, clothes and armor, up to 70 seconds at rank 1 (50 second base)
    Final Strike Cooldown: 20 levels, -6 second per level, headgear, down to 120 (240 base at rank 1), 70 seconds after full 50 second duration, 50 seconds cooldown with both reforges r1.
    Teleport Distance: similar to final hit teleport on shoes, 20 levels, base 16meters at r1
  • 1-Handed Sword lv10 Erg Cap: Bug or specific?

    It means Red upgrade (R Step) stage 1.

    I thought the same thing as you when Erg was just added though.
  • Is there an Elf Overhaul coming?

    SugarAngel wrote: »
    Kokoro wrote: »
    SugarAngel wrote: »
    Ataraxiz wrote: »
    Once again, Chainslash, they'll be incredibly adept with it, along with humans, and not with giants.

    Technically giants will be the best at chainslash every half a day due to the 15% bonus from the Might of Ladeca thing but elves will be the best for the other half.

    If we want to be more technical, Giants will only be the best Chain Slash users if they use Divine Link and have a lv. 200 DEX heavy pet. So.. Elves will still be the best unless you want to dedicate to minmaxing a 700-dexterity divine link pet.

    Opalthira wrote: »
    People already did the math a long time ago basically giants do very little extra damage compared to elves.
    But only if they min max stats and are ttl 40k with every skill unlocked pretty much.

    Exactly this, plus we also have to consider they'd have to hinder themselves by going Puppetry or Chainslash talent for maximum growth and effectiveness of the class.. The highest growth of dexterity they can get anyway per level is half a level, puppetry bumping it to .75 and archery(if they can lock into it for the stats) and chainslash to 1.0 per level I'm pretty sure while elves can get 1 ~ 1.25 per level. Like I said, we're min-maxing if we're going to be saying giants are going to be the best ...

    Plus like I mentioned earlier, they'd be gimping themselves.

    (They'd need about 400~500 dexterity from divine link @ lv. 200, and 500~700(between) if they aren't a chain slash talent, which also costs PON(I'm unaware if this changed!)to go into by the rebirth... So why complain?

    Right? Find me the Giant who goes through all of this outrageous trouble and I'll show you an idiot who decided not to just buy an axe and use full swing...