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  • New In Japan

    That can't be right. From what I have learned here on the forums, Nexon doesn't advertise at all because they are a terrible company and don't know how to business. Therefore, you clearly have shopped this as a joke!

    (Please note that the above is sarcasm.)
  • What is going on there...

    Gaea wrote: »
    One by one the squirrels steal my sanity.

    Is it because they take all your cool beans and leave you with acorns? So many acorns...
  • Gambling Simulator 2017?

    Sheena wrote: »
    What is a cool bean?
    (> <)
    U U

    It is a bean that is neither hot nor cold.
  • Gambling Simulator 2017?


    You say you are the big sibling around here. I just want to you to double check my math. Why are you so mean?! I shall now go take comfort by cuddling my cool beans.

    On topic, the reason you see wings everywhere is because people are spending enough money to buy Gachas to get wings. That doesn't mean the drop rates have improved. In the 6 months I have been playing, between my sister and I, we have 6 wings between us that came from Gachas. And combined we have opened somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 (delicious comma, mmmm) Gachas. 6 out of 1,000 are not good odds. And people generally only sell if they have a duplicate or open Gachas solely to sell the contents. Most open Gachas to keep the items themselves.

    Also, I don't think a published list of odds would help nor hinder the sale of Gachas. Because while it might deter some, it would embolden others and actually might drive up the market if people knew that item A has a 0.000005% chance of dropping vs item B which has a 5% chance of dropping. There will be those that then use those odds to justify higher prices. Or those that want an item because of the super rarity.
  • Gambling Simulator 2017?

    I think Gacha fatigue is also a big factor. Nexon has a new one out every 2 weeks.
    [Deleted User]SherriTairikupawcalypse6f0909