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Katherz made Blankeye x Altam canon 05/03/2018


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April 8, 1995
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Yes I divorced Altam sorry I have settled with Llywelyn.
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Hello I am Blankeye of Erinn I am a Mabi fanartist and I am also an active member of the Mabi KR community! I'm also 100% married to Llywelyn. Yep. If you ever need any Korean Mabinogi information translated, please feel free to @ me! And if you'd like to see my art, you can go to my twitter above!! 마비노기 하자!
  • [DAY 4]Mabi AX 2018 + AX Code Giveaway Prizes(2)~!

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    Rhey wrote: »
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    Blankeye wrote: »
    Rhey wrote: »

    Last but not least...there was no merchandise for sale. :(

    Mabi NA is missing out on the absolute brilliance that is the Korean Mabinogi conventions.

    Yea. :/ I pulled out 100$ @ the Atm machine and was ready to splurge but was quite surprised to find Nexon lacking the goods @ their booth. Haha...

    I think KR doesn't want us to have Mabinogi merchandise. Plus anything that is available online is $50+ which I think is bs.

    Just have your friends in Korea mail you stuff instead :')
  • Thoughts On G21? (Content And Story)

    Gosh reading Altam discourse is the best popcorn material ever.

    imo you can like or dislike any character for subjective reasons but I'm a bit tired of people labeling characters as 'objectively bad' or at least implying it by saying "x has only y going for them and only exists for fanboys/fangirls)" like everyone will have their own reasons for liking or disliking a character and dang I'll be the one to tell you right now you are allowed to hate a character without anyone making you feel bad about hating that character but can you maybe do the people who like that character the same courtesy? I like Altam despite he flaws and god he certainly has a lot of them but don't tell me the only reason that I or anyone else who likes him is "just for his looks" or "just to appeal to fangirls" like come on and get over yourself. You can have your opinions and voice them but those kinds of 'objective' comments are really rude.

    Anyway I actually like all the knights, Talvish is the best written knight imo despite not being my favorite (he's the most complex and least trope-y). He genuinely cares about the Milletian and seems to really do anything in his power to protect them. His way of going about things can be a little sketchy but I think his personality is very "the end justifies the means" and will bend the rules if he knows it is for the greater good.
    Llywelyn is amusing and great and balances Altam out well and puts him in his place which I think he deserves since I'm pretty sure he needs to learn that people (ie the Milletian) and not infallible and can fail and make mistake just like anyone else. Plus his snark and sarcasm is welcome in the group dynamic.
    Avelin is a great voice of reason and I like how we finally got to see the parts that makes her vulnerable, it made her a more relatable character. Showing that even the people who pretend to be strong and put together can still have insecurities.
    Pihne is sweet and gentle and a group of hard-knock knights needs someone like that once in a while to soften the atmosphere. She dealt with a lot of very difficult things, as have pretty much all the knights from the looks of it, but she overcame it and left as a stronger person. I think her presence is both comforting to Caswyn and to Avelin, which helps the flow of the group.
    Caswyn is more serious in this gen, wearing his armor properly and not complaining about everything. He's shown character development from G20 which is really cool!! That's good continuity! Though from the post-part 1 Caswyn laying around Avalon camp, he's still got a bit of his old self inside, which is welcome, since he's a big doof.
    Lastly, Altam is definitely overenthusiastic and unprofessional. But throughout this story he's slowly growing in maturity and strength, overcoming demons and looking to the Milletian for inspiration. Yes, he comes on strong. Yes, he can get in the way of things but the other knights, even Avelin, care deeply for him because they know he means well and want to see him shine and grow, because they understand the potential he has, and with the help of everyone, Altam will become the hero that he dreams of being. It's a clumsy ride to that point, but he'll get there. He's NOT useless and he has just as good of a reason to be there as anyone else. He's happy-go-lucky and excitable, but he certainly looks like deep down he hates (or hated) himself a lot. His overwhelming energy and positivity is most likely a cover for that, the same way Pihne covered up her scars in G20 with a fake smile. What matters is that that fake smile eventually turned into a real one by the end, and I think the same will happen for Altam.
    I can understand why anyone would find Altam, or any of the other knights annoying and unlikable because it's a matter of personal taste and that's totally fine.
    However, in the end, that's all it is. Subjective taste. Hate any character. Like any character. What does it matter. Stop putting down other people for who they like and dislike. You aren't better than them just because you don't "fall into the mass crowd of fangirls/boys who worship Altam". You're on a pretty high horse for acting that way.
  • Alltur and Altam ???

    Blankeye wrote: »
    I guess you could say Alltur is like Altam on 10 Redbull drinks. terrified just trying to imagine that.

    If you want an even better piece of info, the KR title version of "Altam's Ally" is "알터가 동경하는" which can be translated as "Who Alltur Admires" or... "Who Alltur Longs for." (*^∀゚)ъ
    That should be telling enough of what the KR server has to deal with in terms of Altam's character...
    And yet he's still the 2nd most popular character in KR. ㅇㅅㅇ
    WolfandWolfRadiant Dawn
  • Alltur and Altam ???

    As a KR server community member, I have a legit answer to this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ if it matters.
    Yes, Alltur/알터 is KR's name for Altam.
    JP calls him Altur with one L so it's hard to say which is the proper spelling, but a lot argue it is Altur since he HAS also been called that in KR (its pretty inconsistent). Anyway, if you want to know if they're the same person, the answer is yes and no. The NA version of Altam toned down his personality (if you can believe that). In fact, a lot of the knights had their personalities altered slightly for NA localization. So in reality they're kinda slightly different in terms of personality. I guess you could say Alltur is like Altam on 10 Redbull drinks. But I mean yeah they're technically the same character.
  • Royal Spring Wings

    Such a sweet sounding ingame description!
    But wait-

    BronzebreakDarkpixie99DaktaroRadiant Dawn