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  • 100% Repair Is Virtually Useless

    Clickbait title ^

    Because it cost far too much. Nearly 35,000 gold per point for my CRKs, nearly 18k/point for my savage fire wand, etc. It will put me in the red for any shadow mission I run, and running dungeons with that repair fee will break my bank in no time. As it stands, 100% repair is basically only for clothes, armor and wings purely due to the cost not being conducive to the frequency at which weapons must be repaired. This is definitely an improvement, but those items rarely lost durability anyways because they get repaired so infrequently. Unless you want to start farming and pawning off your rare drops to pay for repair fees. I'd suggest that the repair fee for 100% be moved to around 125% of the 98% repair fee, rather than around 200%. That's my opinion and my suggestion, how do you feel about it?

    Human's final hit doesn't use durability. Maybe the reason why you need to repair is afking with them on...
    What kind of shadow mission are you running anyway...
    Shadow missions don't really matter enough to use good weapons. Even on elites it's enough to use beginner weapons that only cost 1g to repair
    [Deleted User]
  • How to sketch the Lich ~ Get that extra ap!

    What I do:
    1. Ride on pet until next to lich
    2. Cancel pet asap and sketch. They shouldn't aggro until it's done
    3. If you're poor like me and can't afford wings, just die to lich and respawn in town
    4. Repeat
  • Another event RUINED for the RNG

    Wow why are ppl complaining about wings. They're supposed to be gacha only and when Nexon gives you wings, everyone complains
  • What happens to the shurikens people already have?

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    What happened to the dustins people already had?

    There's your answer. :smirk:

    It's a little bit different when they outdate an item that you already have and make it so you can't fix it. Releasing a new item is not the same. They're not even going to the effort of giving us anything new, just trying to add another grind wall for players that already had the gear by raising the standards without even releasing anything. As usual, someone not coming to provide a legitimate answer, but just to make a passive aggressive snide comment to make themselves feel good. Nice.

    This is why Nexon didn't want to release this update even when Korea got it ages ago
  • Ruh roh! Korea has a vampire gachapon.

    the giant outfits are the best ones