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  • We need mysterious reforges

    Squee wrote: »
    They need to redo the reforge system entirely honestly. Simply adding a new reforge isn't enough. The entire system is broken and needs an overhaul. Since the game in current years has mostly relied on people having these OP reforges, those of us that don't have them are getting left behind.

    That's the point of this thread though, you can't cut out anyone who isn't geared yet because not only are reforges going to go up, ALL nx items will enchant prots etc. Reforges are just a step, and since we won't get any NA exclusive things, I feel that pushing for these will at least make it tolerable and it'd be easy for NA to do.
  • We need mysterious reforges

    Now with the NX bots being cut down, can we finally get mysterious reforges?

    For those who don't know, they're basically a fine reforge that costs 20k ducats but you can only buy 3 per day. Reforges are going to get crazy expensive, and already finished gear is going to skyrocket even more. There's absolutely no downside to us having them as whales will still be whales it just makes the playing field a little more fair for less fortunate players.

    Commerce becomes a thing again
    Free reforges
    Reforged gear is less expensive

    TiroChaosShadowAlshianRadiant Dawnstarkiller1286
  • Well, it finally happened (VIP update)

    Too bad I quit to play archeage awhile ago lmao.

    That aside, why are we getting a crap version of it? Wheres the extra equipment slot use with it? I'm really expected to pay 20$ USD a month for mabi, because anyone who's serious about the game knows that VIP is a 100% must have, as well as extra equipment slots. I live in a small town so NX isn't sold locally, I need to use a site online to get it

    20 usd to cad is 26.55, plus conversion fee I'm hit with, plus the website charges taxes, and now nexon does too. My local tax rate is 12% (BC bois reporting in), and now there's another 5% on top of that too which is close to $35 cad. I could buy a full price triple A title every other month. While that is a me problem, still annoying.

    anyway rant over, we're getting a nerfed version of it after waiting close to a full YEAR for something coming "early 2019" and I still feel baited by the VIP sale last year. Katherz straight up said "VIP is on sale for a reason" so I got 6 1/2 months worth, trusting that the soon2019 would actually be in q1 at the latest. Current vip isn't even worth 2k NX a month, I really feel like anyone who got VIP during that sale should get extra time for what I feel was entirely a bait and switch. The best part about this is how they tried to take that announcement down, and even the youtube video of it as well because people were upset. Can we get an answer to this?

  • can we get a update on the paid name change

  • I guess VIP update was a lie

    Gaea wrote: »

    You're just reinforcing your hypocrisy by replying. Just cut the bs and say you missed this. :)

    Being a hypocrite doesn't make me wrong, or illogical. I only post this thread every so often because unfortunately Mabi GM's still read this forum, power hungry volunteers, and a myriad of other things are glaring issues that lead me to believe these forums would be better off deleted entirely.

    On topic though, can we just get a no at this point?
    WolfsingerSherriGretaCrimsọncourtneyyRadiant Dawn