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  • Fishing Event

    Unisex wrote: »
    Nilrem wrote: »
    watercat0 wrote: »
    This event is actually really nice. Since you are limited on bait daily, this means the entire population won't be afk all day like in most fishing events. Its like they want us to play the game or something.

    I thought the same thing. Im glad they set it up this way.

    this is what im talking about you guys are part of the problem for accepting these events, is never going to end unless everyone stops accepting it like its a real event.
  • Why do people constantly insist that mabi is dying

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    If you look at the steam chart activity, the average players online is 510 for the last 30 days, aside from september this year the last time that number was as high was in 2014. Yes we did just get a new talent but overall the numbers have been going up since 2015 on average, with a fairly high peak right now. Gachapons have been getting better (less gear and enchants being spit out and more fashion) and for me and a lot of my friends the severs have been less laggy too anecdotal yes but figured it was worth including. Note, the active players on steam doesn't include people playing who use the nexon launcher, so that number is most likely even higher.

    Stop using steam those numbers will never count in MMO games and because of Steam developers in US Nexon are losing X% of the money. TIME TO STOP!
  • Mabinogi website broken ?

    we did it, we kill Mabinogi, RIP cause of death Nexon
  • My Sword Collection

    your missing:

    - Butcher Knife
    - Glowing Ice Sword
    - Viseo's Bronze Mirror Blade (if we count spoons as swords then this should also count)
    - All dream catchers (they can be used as swords and again if we count fork as a weapon then this also counts)
    - Every fan ever (another weapon if we count a knife as a weapon).
  • R.I.P Wallet

    Remember, the more you support a corrupted company like Valve, the more you never going to see hope for HL3 or better games on Steam.