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The guild issue finally got fixed, but Nexon didn't even bother to post into the thread for it to announce it to the players who came here with the issue. They didn't put anything on the main site either. I'm keeping this situation as an example of poor customer service. Anyway, I'll still be around the forums even though I came here because of the above issue.


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June 2, 1996
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I have returned to Erinn once again. Now to see what drives me away this time.
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Sylek Isana - the spirit of a legendary hero that is, for some reason, inhabiting a weapon in Erinn.
  • Cant Leave Expired Guild After Maint.

    About an hour ago, I got a message from the employee who posted here back in April. This was in response to me messaging her requesting some information on the issue. What I got back was that it should be fixed now. After checking the website, I confirmed that it is indeed fixed and I was able to cancel the application for that expired guild.
    Before that, I received no other messages and I'm surprised that, even an hour after I got the message, I'm the one here posting that it's fixed, not the employee.
    As far as I'm aware, that private message is the only thing signifying that it has been fixed.
  • Rebirth potion mission replaces my 5th box mission

    I just opened my 2nd stage box and, as I thought, the 3rd stage box was hiding in there with the other rewards. So there's no bonus quest rewards, but you can still get the boxes.
    I didn't notice it at first, but I also now have the quest related to the stage 3 box (level up 200 times and open the box). But again, the rewards there are AP, Exp, and a Combat Exp potion. Useful stuff, but also stuff I can live without.