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The guild issue finally got fixed, but Nexon didn't even bother to post into the thread for it to announce it to the players who came here with the issue. They didn't put anything on the main site either. I'm keeping this situation as an example of poor customer service. Anyway, I'll still be around the forums even though I came here because of the above issue.


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June 2, 1996
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I have returned to Erinn once again. Now to see what drives me away this time.
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Sylek Isana - the spirit of a legendary hero that is, for some reason, inhabiting a weapon in Erinn.


  • Squee wrote: » Honestly, all the Fighter skills need a desperate rebalance. I can't even combo them anymore because the game doesn't hits properly from some of the skills and move to the next skill set before I end up getting counterattacked. As f…
  • Squee wrote: » Sylek wrote: » I've been skimming through the conversation and I'm seeing that some people are basically saying "get gud" while others see that there's a pretty big difficulty curve. At the time of this post, I've personally compl…
  • Sherri wrote: » Definitely agreed, fishing isn't worth doing unless there is a certain book you're after/event fishing. Another minigame I've seen (although would require insane button spam) is from a childhood game of mine.
  • As I'm primarily magic oriented, I use Merlin Knuckles so I don't usually have a lot of issues being left open. However, this makes Respite especially useless to me as if I were to try to use it, I'm pretty likely to take more damage using a spell b…
  • I've been skimming through the conversation and I'm seeing that some people are basically saying "get gud" while others see that there's a pretty big difficulty curve. At the time of this post, I've personally completed every gen up to 22 and am cur…
  • I'm working on my second music quest after doing the other two dreams, did the two daily SM's while waiting to talk to Rua, and now I cannot progress even after retrying one of them and attempting the VIP, though I myself am not a VIP. Is there seri…
  • Hardmuscle wrote: » I got the 5th Crystal from the second floor of Peaca Basic, on my first and only run (to Sketch the Banshee for Death Mark quest). ~ I bought the pass from NPC
  • Nerdylicious wrote: » I have some ideas for an enchant revamp i'd like to share and hope Nexon would consider some of them. I want these ideas out here so i don't care if Nexon never gives me credit for coming up with it, i feel it would benefit t…
  • Gaea wrote: » Really makes me wish we had an armory collection room. That would be awesome. Store weapons you don't use as often (but still want to hold onto) without cluttering bank or inventory.
  • ShouK wrote: » Did the event on the first day just to check it out.. and leeches everywhere. Me and thank god at least one other player were working hard growing the tree.. During those time there were other people standing there not doing anythin…
  • Kiruah wrote: » I didnt get another and im having issues finding her. I thought getting the event done would be rewarding but seems like i screwed myself At least you're not the only one.
  • I watched episode one of the anime so far, and this is a severely underwhelming collaboration event. You run a dungeon (with barely any guidance to do so) for a chance at a rare drop. The SAO and FSN collaborations were far better, even if SAO was t…
  • Anybody know how this blue prism is going to work? Is this just going to be a "charge it once and it's gone" or will we be able to reuse it (it has a cooldown and we have to recharge it)? And will a filled blue prism be tradable?
  • Any chance I'd be able to join and communicate without external websites, programs, etc?
  • How important is Discord for the guild? Would one still be able to keep in contact with everyone without it?
  • Most life skills are a massive grind to train, with magic craft, engineering, and their gathering skills being some of the worst in my opinion. Adding a talent for those 4 skills would help, but even with a 2x training, they'll still be a grind. Obv…
  • Leilicia wrote: » If I'm not mistaken, elite missions drop elite passes. It's rng, but you may get an elite pass from one you've been running. Someone else may clarify better, but this is what I think. Your best bet may be to be asking your server…
  • I was praying for rebirth potions inside those reward boxes since they were almost a necessity. With the event being extended, I guess I'll just grind out some more levels on my giant tomorrow to start working on box #2, then not touch him until it'…
  • Arjune wrote: » yeah that's what confuses me... I don't know if a normal week in Tuathan time is just a year for milletians or if 1 week in our time is a year for everyone in Erinn... xD either way it's super confusing Hurray for complicated …
  • SirRyu wrote: » Just wanted to say the robe from the box is the exp version. No screenshot or anything to confirm?