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    I'm a little confused, will we need Premium to use this though?
  • Alexina troll housing shop

    Now if only someone would do this on Tarlach...
  • General Respect/Handling Grief

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    It takes two or more people to argue. There is no such thing as a one person argument (unless you're mentally ill, of course). I cannot (nor should anyone else) answer your question properly (or even legitimately) without knowing both sides of the story (there is no such thing as a one sided story). I am sure this person chose the other person for no reason at all, and I am sure you could have asked for this information in the form of a ticket or in private to a parent or a friend close-by; as opposed to in front of a public audience serving no purpose outside of fanning the flames.

    I agree it takes two people to argue, but it only takes one person to be nasty and attack someone for really no good reason; I've had it happen to me before because some random guy asked me out and I said no, and he felt the need to call me names I can't repeat here before blocking me. I've seen it happen to my friends who have been yelled at for not selling items at lower prices/not selling to people at all. But just because you don't know both sides of the story doesn't mean you should stand by and let bullying happen. If you see someone being attacked, then yes, as a bystander, you have the right to make a report, even if they don't know both sides.
  • General Respect/Handling Grief

    I'm on Tarlach and this is the first I've heard of this but it kinda makes me glad I'm not really playing right now >.>;

    But I agree with what's being said above. Just keep taking screenshots and reporting them. If you have any friends around or so that are seeing it happen as well, see if maybe they'll take screenshots and send in reports too. You can stand up for that person, but don't get too heated, because then you're just as guilty in Nexon's eyes and you can be reported back.

    If it's someone else who's being abused, maybe try to make friends with them and do things with them in game. Maybe if the attackers see them with large groups of people, they'll back off. If you see the harassment starting, just keep taking screenshots and don't even respond; just go quiet in the chat or even switch to another channel if you can. If the harassment is through Notes as well, open them and take screenshots and close them right away, don't respond, possibly keep them for further documentation if that's ever needed. Either that or just don't even open them at all, maybe even delete them if it's too much.
  • Crossover Events

    Black Butler. I'd die for a Black Butler event. As long as it's good and not like the FSN event where it's just all cash-shop crap v.v