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  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Princessmeya That's awesome :D I think I went through a few colors before settling on pink (wasn't too good at the dye minigame haha) and oh wow congrats, that's pretty good, awesome you only had to buy wig :)

    @roastedpig Congrats on the Felt Outfit and sprucing up an old outfit. :) It looks pretty awesome with the Sports Goggles and the Checkmate Queen Shoes. Love how the Pierrot Clothes look with the new masks. They probably will :D Hoping for more glasses (not so big or shades) and masks.

    @Mysticbluwa Hello welcome :) Haven't seen that dress in awhile (though I noticed more were popping up after merge), it looks good, I love the varying flashes in each picture. :D They'll probably make more long, elegant dresses. Its a pretty popular style :)

    @Musicat Oh that's from Lileas? I thought you brought it from Edern haha that's cool. I already answered your question in game but for anyone else who's looking to cosplay, Mabinogi World Wiki might be your best bet and looking through each section (though it might not be updated with all the newest items). I'm not very good at doing cosplays in game unfortunately (maybe think too hard about it D: ).

    @Dusque Hello welcome and I saw your post, sorry little late replying. Your cosplay looks amazing and exactly like Joker from Persona 5 :D Awesome job! Thank you for sharing with us :)

    @Tabari Congrats on completing the Avelin set, looks good! Like the contrast with the red and blue :)

    Sorry its been awhile, its around that time when I start working more and my schedule has little hectic. If you been following m tumblr, you probably saw I posted outfits on there. Anyway I actually wasn’t a huge fan of this dress but I found it cheaper than usual (before it was re-released RIP I took the pictures before the Adorable Box) so I went and got it. It actually grew on me LOL haha and I really liked the idle with the Bluebird. I decided to wear Dorren’s Shoes since I thought sandals might look better than shoes and I was actually wearing another wig before but it felt like too much pink (Wig was pink, which was first in awhile since I usually dye my wigs brown now) so went with the Bright Student Wig (F). I forget if i already wore the Regal Cherry Blossom Halo with an outfit but I was wearing it at the time so I just left it on.



    Outfit: Peaceful Bohemian Wear (F)
    Headpiece: Bright Student Wig (F)
    Shoes: Dorren’s Shoes
    Gloves: Lady Waffle Cone Heart Ring
    Accessories: Pink Mini Wings, Regal Cherry Blossom Halo
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Musicat Its okay, I might have an idea for what you talked about with me. Will give you a heads up when I have time to do it. That armor was my favorite when I first started playing Mabi. :) I actually kept running Ciar Beginner and turning in mimic fomor scrolls till I had enough to buy it haha. Yeah, kind of disappointing that the metal part can't be dyed but still looks good. Previous armor looks awesome as well, love the colors. :)

    @Princessmeya hello welcome :) Love how your outfits, don't see black x lime green used as often anymore. Also congrats on your complete Eiren Chain Slasher outfit! :D

    @roastedpig Congrats on the book! The idle is pretty awesome :) The Ghostly Easter Vampire Outfit looks pretty awesome, love the pairing with that hat and the tribal bird bracelets. :D Loving all the ornaments.

    @Tabari So pretty, love the outfit. Glad to see an old outfit being used and loving the colors on Yukata. :)

    @Kidy Very adorable, love the cosplay! :) Definitely spot on and love that you included Jiji. :D

    @Treep Hi Tree :D Very cute and its okay LOL Love how you dyed the outfit :D Very regal like.

    Okay sorry its been quite a bit of time since I posted. DX Gonna be super busy soon with work but I'll try to prepare some outfits in advance so I can post them right away when I have time. :)

    First up is I had a Fashion Meet-Up on the June 22nd. Not as many as last time and i forgot to take pictures before some people left RIP. But thank you to everyone who came by. It might be a few months but hoping to have another meet up in October (started working weekends RIP). I’ll post when it gets closer :D Some extra pictures where my friend was doing the Beach Ball Gesture and it looked like she was spinning my Uisce Puppet haha.




    And now for my outfit that I was wearing to the meet-up. I wanted this outfit (the one with the bunny bag) when it first came out but didn’t have the gold for it and then it suddenly became hard to find and shot up RIP so figured I’d wait till it re-released. The version without the bag got re-released (which I posted before) but not this version.After the merge, I found a Seller and finally got it. I love bunny related items and the little bag is adorable.I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make it similar to my version without the bunny bag (brown overalls and light pink shirt) but decided to reverse it. I didn’t know if I liked it but asked my friends they they liked both version (showed the one without bag and the one with bag) so decided to keep it as I dyed it. It started to grow on me and happy with how it came out. I wanted shoes with socks so I used the Autumn Breeze Shoes (F) and I haven’t used the Upbeat Barista Wig and Headband (F) yet so thought pull that out and use it with this outfit. I also just got a Uisce puppet (though unfortunately RIP only one part of the puppet can be dyed and you can prob guess which part LOL) and had him chilling with me. Also took some pictures with a friend who was standing with me when I was hanging out in Dunbarton. :D



    Outfit: Casual Date Wear with Bunny Bag (F)
    Headpiece: Upbeat Barista Wig and Headband (F)
    Shoes: Autumn Breeze Shoes (F)
    Gloves: Holiday Bracelet
    Accessories: Regal Cherry Blossom Halo, Uisce Support Puppet, Pink Mini Wings
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Kensamaofmari Its all good, sometimes I forget to check as well. Loving those new hoodies, the wig looks really good with it. Love how the headband matches the shoes.

    @Musicat oh its okay, I actually haven't been paying attention to that eventually I'll start it up again. That's actually pretty neat, I don't see the male versions of that outfit being used alot (konpwns just posted the female version :) ) so its always nice to see, the monocle is pretty cool. Sure come on by, that's correct actually came by to post a reminder that its tomorrow :) Sure you can suggest a new style, I'll check it out.

    Hello! Loving this new outfit haha I’m a hoodie person RL and love how the jeans look in this game (wouldn’t mind getting more too :D ). I was little unsure if I wanted to dye the Hoodie brown and pants pink or vice versa. I pulled out my Casual Date Sneakers and decided to go with vice versa and loving how it looks.Something still felt off so I dyed the undershirt a darker pink to match the strings and satisfied how it came out.I kind of forgot I was wearing the Casual Date Glow Bracelets so no gloves are showing up and decided to use the Natural Short Twin Tail Wig (F) and love how spunky it looks with the hoodie. I took off the wings I was wearing, halo and bun tail but added the Crunchyroll Balloon and Royal Elephant Messenger Bag. Thought it looked pretty awesome, love how some of the bags (that are hand-held items) look. Also took a picture with my friend with the wings he gave me as a gift and with my halo I was wearing before taking pictures, who’s also looking awesome in the Abaddon Nobility Wear (M).




    Outfit: Everyday Hoodie (F)
    Headpiece: Natural Short Twin Tail Wig (F)
    Shoes: Casual Date Sneakers
    Gloves: N/A
    Accessories: Royal Elephant Messenger Bag, Crunchyroll Balloon

    Also reminder I’ll be having a Daily Fashion Meet-Up tomorrow on June 22nd at 6:00 PM PST, 9:00 PM EST right before Banquet at Port Ceann, on Channel 2 (Due to Ch1 getting full on Weekends). Same place, check the map in the opening post but if you get lost just drop me a note in game (Cariceci+Mari) or msg me on here and I’ll try to find you before it starts :D Hope to see you there!
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Kensamaofmari No rush, whenever you feel like it :)

    @Iscaroit Hello welcome! Looking awesome :D Haven't seen that outfit in awhile and aw its okay, still make BIG Money!

    @konpwns Hello welcome and very adorable, I haven't see that suit worn often but I love the little motif diamonds it has :) Also very nice colors, don't see alot of soft greens.

    @Maelodi Hello and welcome! Very lovely, loving the teal with matching gold and glad to see more Giant Fashion :D

    Also here I'll link your picture (I think you forgot the .png at the end which is why it wasn't showing up) I'll update the first page since they made it easier to link and post images :)


    @roastedpig Hello again! Very awesome and chill, loving how that wig looks and shoes look with the Knitwear :D

    Hello! I been thinking about getting this outfit for awhile and decided to go for it when I found it for a good price. My friend also found someone selling the Dowra Boots and finally checked that off my Wishlist. Loving how the boots look with this outfit (I was unsure if the boots would look okay since i dyed them brown). Also loving this wig with this outfit, very elegant. I really like the design of the outfit and the pose is pretty cool.



    Outfit: Private Academy Riding Uniform (F)
    Headpiece: Winter Royal Elegant Wig (F)
    Shoes: Dowra Boots
    Gloves: Lady Waffle Cone Heart Ring
    Accessories: Pink Mini Wings, Spring Bloom Cherry Blossom Halo

    Also setting up a Daily Meet-Up for this Saturday, June 22nd at 6:00 PM PST, 9:00 PM EST right before banquet at Port Ceann. Since Channel 1 gets full sometimes on weekends, I'll be having it in Channel 2 this time. I'll remind the day or so before in case people forget :)
  • Your Daily Fashion!

    @Meankidd Aw c: tyyy you're so sweet <3 I always like Shamala's Outfit on males C: Looking awesome <3

    @MissFortune Very pretty, love the colors and the little effects from the Spellbook and the butterflies. :) Also don't see that Puppet that often, super cool :D

    So here's my first outfit on Nao, Premium Adventurer Newbie Wear (F). Its from an old event and I recently got one. It was something I wanted for awhile but I didn't want to spent alot on it (and I found one at a good price). Just recently pulled it out of dressing room and decided to do an outfit with it. Its been years since I used a Goggle Cap, it was one of my favorite hats when the Iria Event first happened. Been awhile since I wore the Lisbeth Boots too, one of my favorite boots as well. Since it doesn't have a pose, I pulled out my Eluned Baseball Bat (F) for posing.



    Outfit: Premium Adventurer Newbie Wear (F)
    Headpiece: Goggle Cap
    Shoes: Lisbeth Boots
    Gloves: Holiday Bracelet
    Accessories: Pink Luna Fairy Wings, Eluned Baseball Bat, Colorful Kite Balloon