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  • Clothing Suggestions

    Greta wrote: »
    Waste of time. Nexon released so many different outfits with gachas that i'm pretty sure nothing looks new at this point. Any outfit they release now looks similar to something we already have. And if someone manages to create something unique, it will be 100% gacha. Stop feeding Nexon with gacha ideas.

    But Gacha is where stuff like this should go. What shouldn't go in gacha is game affecting equipment like the SG armors, R1 reforged weapons and other game stat effecting items. Fashion items, either in manual form or as the outfit itself is what should be going into gacha, it's exactly what we should be promoting NX to do rather than having them dump extremely powerful game affecting items in the gacha.
  • Let's Celebrate the Anniversary!

    TNinja wrote: »
    Arjune wrote: »
    Gaea wrote: »
    Cyrise wrote: »
    Can we just chill on the AFK events? I want something to actually DO.

    Yeah but when they do that they make it tedious.

    No they don't, you're just lazy

    I don't know. Circling the same low level dungeon 100 times doesn't sound like a good event.

    *A goblin cowers in the corner as he watches you smash his friend's face in, and then exploding the body of his other buddy*

    "Why?! Why are you doing this?! You're too strong for us to mean anything to you!"

    "Oh, I was told I needed to murder like 5000 of you for a fancy figurine"

    *Rips goblin's head off*

    "Well another 4997 to go"

  • What's it like out there?

    I sometimes wake up and think to my self "I still need to do Magic craft dans!!!" only to realize that I already have it.
  • Alchemy Tips & Tricks.

    Battle alchemy scales damage off your remaining stats, for example flame burst uses your current HP, water cannon uses your current MP, etc. By current I mean how much HP you have left, and not the max HP you have, so if you have 500/1000 HP left, it will use the 500. Battle alchemy is usually split between flame burst alchemists and water cannon. Water cannon is the more popular of the two since its a single hard hitting strike that's easier to manage. In comparison flame burst is harder to handle, but if you've mastered it flame burst handles crowds quite well. Hydra, shock, elemental wave, and golden time are also priority skills. Heat buster offers another offensive option if you're more geared for flame.

    As for damage output, in terms of raw output, flame burst offers more, but needs set up and you're quite defenseless when using it (being a multi-hitter and all), while water cannon is far easier to use, and has fewer restrictions. Hydra + sand burst/rain casting offers the safest way to kill things, though at the cost of eating a lot of time. Sand burst blinds and stops enemies from attack, and hydra does damage without removing sand burst effects, so you can kill things with relative ease with minimal risk this way if you keep applying blind to enemies.

    I would only recommend alchemy if you wanna just have fun with the set, its greatly outpaced by other skill sets in damage. At harder content Alchemy is one of the most crippled sets for their abilities being ineffective against mobs (shock is completely useless in revived illusion for example), the reason being that if alchemy was allowed its full effects, it'd make those contents significantly easier.
  • G22 Balor Battle

    For those concerned, you are basically going in with the knowledge and intent of getting into a shirtless bear wrestling competition with Balor.