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  • Console crossplay

    Free to play games on ps4 dont require ps plus and as well playstation has made large exclusive deals with tera neverwinter and onigiri to name a few to port over

    While I cannot confirm the state of Playstation Network allowing free to play multiplayer games without their paid services, I can however confirm neither of those statements are true for Xbox.
    I can and have played Neverwinter, Tera, and Onigiri on my Xbox. So they are not Playstation exclusives.
    Nor can you play them without an active Xbox Live Gold subscription.
    Maia wrote: »
    It would be interesting but I don't think they'd add controller support. There's already a lot of button/key customization we can't do. Not to mention adding controller support would just handicap people who chose to use controllers (it IS clunkier, just no way around it) and wouldn't solve the problem of reaching a broader audience by appealing to those without PC's. It's not just about controllers after all.

    Xbox live, switch online, etc. are pretty much a non-issue. They're part of the gaming world and widely accepted by console players. There's also plenty of free to play games on consoles so this wouldn't be a new concept either.

    I agree that it's unlikely we'll see controller support. However as for keybinds, there's already alot of binds and shortcuts and options that go underused, unknown, and underutilised. Don't know how many times I've mentioned that you can keybind something like pet info screens or talent page and don't have to dig through menus to people that legitimately didn't know about them after months to years of play.
    Fact of the matter is, people don't want to pour through and fine tune settings, they just want to get in the game and have fun. They like a standardised control scheme. For example look at every shooter having nearly identical control schemes, someone found something that worked adequately, and it spread from there. (Try playing the N64 classic shooters and come back with how well the controls have aged in comparison to even a lackluster modern title.)
    Personally I have mixed feelings about controller to keyboard+mouse, Analog movement feels so much more natural than the cramped and asymmetrical WASD movement, yet the precise control of the mouse cannot be matched by the controller.
    Currently I have 80 different skills ready to be launched at any time, not to mention additional tabs for number keys, F-number keys and second sets extra tabs as well. That is A LOT to juggle through. And I wouldn't be adverse to shortening that that somewhere near 12-16 most frequently used skills and abilities, and having to menu more often to switch them out periodically. It would definitely help assist against the UI being so cluttered feeling.
    Biggest PROs:
    My laptop is so old and busted it can't or simply won't install a new mouse because it requires upgrading drivers. But my USB controllers still work fine.
    Less screen clutter
    Biggest CONs
    Typing chat on consoles is garbage without a USB keyboard
    Inventory management would be nightmarish

    And while true the paid services aren't anything new and yes there are some legitimate free to play games on them. But in order to play a multiplayer game, Battle Royales, Hero Shooters, MOBA and MMO alike they all require a paid subscription service. My comment wasn't about it being a new concept at all, but the fact that we already have it for FREE free, (Barring rent/mortgage fees, power utilities, and service provider charges of course!) so porting it behind a paywall, accepted or not doesn't seem the best option.
    Additionally, the surge in new players wouldn't be long lasting as many people are turned off by the outdated graphics, and relatively slow game speed and will probably move on before they realise the finer points to Mabi sadly.
  • Christmas planetoid?

    With the returning of previous events and such alot of us are getting repeat items.
    Literally collecting them and not even passing the mouse over them in months, in my case.
    And? I missed something frighteningly hilarious till now.

    A tree ornament thats 9/10 the size of our entire planet.

    What the crap is this?
    I been carrying Erinns third moon in my pocket for months?
    My sides hurt from laughing
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  • Rebirth, Changing Gender and Saving Appearance

    Personally, I think it would fix alot of these issues if when you bought a new cosmetic appearance it was actually bought, and not simply selected and paid for until something changes it. Maybe it's me, but when I pay for something I expect at least a feigned sense of object permanence
    That way people are more likely to spend even more pon on buying all the available styles, instead of hoarding their pon exclusively for style tab.
    The coupon limited styles should have a higher pon price than others based upon their higher detail and being the shiny new-ness
    Coupons on the other hand should be renamed as Voucher and flat out purchase the new style on use, much like a gesture card

    Would net Nexon a lump sum of pon purchases from just about every fashionogi out there as well, instead of the complete LACK of pon being spent on customisation at the moment
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    Zephyrmaru wrote: »
    You did not just necro something from like two weeks ago...

    I'm not even gonna bother reading that, man. I just...holy cow that was 10 pages ago. I don't even remember what I had for breakfast and this was still bothering you?

    Admittedly, I forgot to refresh the page, however as was said, it was an entire week gathering potion making materials, the tab was still open and only showed 5 pages, had a bit to read after realising
    Hellkaizer wrote: »

    Look, I get you're frustrated I honestly do but g21 seriously isn't that hard. There's a lot of different things you can do to iframe tagar (do it all the time in the raid version) the gist of what you're saying is it's too hard to do without reforges/gear. I think I used like 2 balloon charges on tagar, and a few on talvish too but that's it.

    This right here, is enough damage to beat the entire thing, along with novice anchor rush. There's people who have done it under 2k total, there's people that have done it over 20k total. Not much else to say honestly. You have people saying they've used guns, close combat, archery, chains, magic even ninja skills to beat it.

    Great, wonderful. Care to explain where the extra 7k damage is coming from on Talvish? Cause I hit 22k with L-Rod crits, yet on Talvish it maxes out at only 6.5k, or 0.06% of his health. BUT that is ultimately besides the point. The amount of damage one is able to inflict has never been the real issue that causing everyone such greif. And only relevant to some because they wanted to slap a time limit on EVERY fight limiting them to a race to who can deal DPS fast enough. Personally I don't care if I'm dealing 0.04% per crit or even 0.004% as long as the boss follows it's own rules.
    No complaints about the doppleganger, it was clearly intended to be a long fought war of attrition, and it is!
    No complaints about Talvish's Spike or Blade attacks, he clearly states his intention before using them, and offers ample time to move away, granted your not autoattacking.
    Where at least MY complaints start are the attacks with ridiculous hitboxes
    There have been times that I've been full longbow range, at 90 degree angles from the attack's direction and still been hit during mounted archery.
    As for the phantasm breaker title comment, you see that's not really related.
    How the Phantasm Breaker title IS related, is simply showing that everyone who's beaten it within the first few days are exclusively those with end game equips
    When you have so many people saying they've beat it with many varying techniques and you're main rebuttal is "but I can't do it, therefor you're wrong or lying" it's hard to be constructive.

    Never said they were wrong or lying, simply saying the techniques or equipment they use might not be applicable to everyone, for instance, my r1 magnum shot hits 4k, which is dealing 1k on these bosses, which while for one person may be all they need, personally I can deal faster and more consistent dps with regular attack spam
    Opalthira wrote: »
    >finding it Ironic that i used two skill to fight a boss. Completely ignores the line before it that states there are mechanics.
    Lmao its like you just skim read posts.
    The mechanics in this gen were nice.
    Actually made me feel like i needed to do something other than just spam one skill till an enemy died.
    Spammed firebolt, she died in 5 minutes.
    Spammed firebolt, It died in 3 minutes or less.
    Spammed lightning rod an firebolt. Probably didn't take longer than 10 minutes.

    The irony persists despite your praising of the mechanics, you claimed that you felt no need to spam a single skill till the enemy was defeated, yet in action did the exact opposite and in fact spammed a single skill till the enemy was defeated.

    Honestly its been like a week i was done the entire gen with in a few hours.
    Its not even remotely difficult.

    Wow, classic "it wasn't even that hard" hyperbole, should be reputed with "a pics or it didn't happen" retort, but I've always found the troll dance a bit silly.
    All the people here I swear have the "DONT CHANGE MY PLAYSTYLE" mentality of dark souls players.
    Which is also IRONIC because Darks souls boss have more challenge than this entire gen yet people make it seem the other way around.

    Honestly if you are having as much trouble to spend 8 hours on the first boss you're doing it wrong and need to learn to play better.
    And no thats not an insult that's straight me telling you're playing the game wrong if you have to take that long on boss.
    Especially since it only takes like 5 minutes into the gen to get to that boss.

    It's almost like your trying to say that I DON'T take my time to learn a boss' tells animations and attack patterns in one sentence, and in the next sentence criticising that I took the time to thoroughly scout the boss.
    I'd love to see someone do it on their first try without scouting.
    And yet the only reason I'm still not at the Tagar fight today, is because I strong armed the fight, ignored any and everything I'd learned about the boss, and just tanked everything with soul stones. Which should not be necessary.
    Just gonna add it takes like 200k to make a CC+4 fire bolt wand that deals like 5k damage as a noob.
    My wand has no reforges on it and dealt like 8k-12k damage simply because its a tribolt and has decent magic attack on it.
    900+ int, chain cast +4 fire wand upgraded and reforged, and only crits 4k
    While not impossible, I doubt a noob will be any closer to max Int, let alone be near that damage output unless using ALO Asuna or another of the +50 magic attack titles
    Ever consider that maaaybe being sub 1k total makes a few things easier?
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    >Lack of preparation
    3 balloons
    33 soul stones
    6 guardian stones
    2 adv feathers


    >Just take a day or two to better plan/train more
    Translation: You didn't hydra spam? What s it rE?

    >its only been out 4 hours!
    Updates end at 12pm here, been throwing myself at it for more than 8 before I saw ANY progress

    >Just wait for the "talented" to make a comprehensive guide
    Pretty strong implication that your saying everyone is just plain stupid and doesn't have the cognitive function to understand the complexities of the game, except for the wiki contributor that will just plagiarise what advice's, tips, hints, and tricks the launch crew painstakingly uncovers after the first few weeks have passed and everything's already laid out for them

    Its also nice that some can solo Rabbie Phantasm blindfolded, and even so much as look at a dragon before it melts, but the vast majority cannot inject that absurd amount of time if not money into a game.
    The notion of "why aren't you using (insert skill here)?" goes against the entirety of player choice in favor of a strict "if you didn't raise these skills exactly right you wasted years of your life" and is an affront to why many people even approached this game in the first place

    Its not that people feel a sense of entitlement, its a sense of fairness, going back to the earlier posts example take the dungeon revamp
    What did they do? Added a 0 to all enemy damage rolls and add two 0 to all enemies health, its an exaggeration, yes, but BARELY so
    The results? New players cannot complete Alby Normal, the same dungeon they just completed in the tutorial without hitting a damage sponge,. Late game players ignore the dungeons due to not being fiscally viable, And dungeons are even deader than before

    Its within my experience that people actually LIKE and actively will seek out a challenge, but if its unfair, frustrating, and stiflingly exclusive to the player it smothers any enjoyment and just leaves even the victory hollow and bittered in retrospect
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