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April 30, 1988
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Rinohwa of Tarlach
  • Permanent wing coupon

    So all of less than 10 people got coupons through all servers
    Well done Nexon, really earning that "Most expressive MMO" claim

    I still say boycott new gacha till they release methods to obtain that don't rely on RNG

    The allure for gacha is the possibility of getting a rare item for cheaper than outright paying for said item.

    Should not be the exclusive method to obtain said rares

    How's that for expression
  • Fixing RNG events

    I can't speak for anyone else, but my work schedule doesn't permit for me to stay logged in consistently for periods in excess of full weeks with multiple PC

    I get an average of 3 hours a night

    So when an event with RNG based prizes occurs its virtually impossible to earn said rewards in the limited time available

    And I've always believed that if you put in the effort and time that you should be rewarded for it.

    This past week I had a rare consecutive 3 days off, which translates to 66 hours doing this event, which is exactly 110 of these event gift boxes

    What came from this massive stack however was all very literally useless junk
    I have no interest in the tailoring skill, in which the vast majority of prizes were attributed to, and potions with an expiration date are the most as asanine thing I've ever heard as it completely disregards anything that you would normally seek and collect said potions for

    But as for the actual themed event items there was exactly 1 "Sky Lantern Balloon"

    That's a 1:110 ratio to getting junk
    And I've seen others claim the very same

    So I propose that an NPC shop should be able to trade in these RNG based objects in order to trade them in for the specific items wanted/needed, with a price mark equal to the chance of obtaining the item

    If the item has a 1:100 or 1% drop, than 100 unopened items SHOULD suffice for direct trade!

    And on second thought, this should also extend towards Gachapons as well, I've heard horror stories about how ridiculously low some item drop rates are, and how often you find piles of gacha prizes just tosses out due to being useless junk.

    It's simply put a way to make everything fair for those who put the time and effort or even NX to earn what they want or need