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" Maybe all they needed was... I dunno. Some good food, some bad laughs, some nice friends. " - Sans
  • Roulette Bingo Event

    How about having a partial coin rewarded for duplicates kind of like trans medals you get 3 partial ones to complete a new random one? That way after you get say 3 duplicates you can get a free roll to retry for a number you actually need?

    Also are we able to get a new card if we completely fill the board?
    Sphyra21[Deleted User]DingigraphiPeloiNarisveirJJ
  • Name Changes

    I would like to be able to change my characters names, my pets names, and my forum name XD I wouldnt mind paying NX or in game gold to allow me to do this even if its only one time per account. Maybe name change coupons could be part of an event to allow everyone to work towards earning one if they want it as well?
  • Loyalty Point System

    It would be great to have a in game way of getting style keys as well as nx exclusive items like maybe the coupons that let you remote access blacksmith, clothing shops, ect for repairing. Maybe also have a small amount of pons available so we can change looks every so often?

    I support having this available to reward players who login consistently ^^
  • Is there a social aspect to this game?

    It depends who you know I guess. Myself and my guild Rosevane of Mari are very friendly and knowledgable about the game as many of us are veterans that have been around for 7 years plus. We are active and always willing to lend a hand. Games are always more fun with people to join in for dungeons or shadow missions. Most of the generation quests are solo with the exceptions of Royal Alchemists helping or some group ones like the semi final or finals. Since the dungeons have been revamped for higher difficulty it can be hard to complete quests alone so its always a good idea to have a few active friends to join you on things.
    [Deleted User]
  • Once a day guild notices via note

    Hi all this is Samuelalex of Mari server. This suggestion is to add a guild feature for use by captain or vice captain to send a notice via in game note to all guild members to inform them of events or other things going on as a mass message. In another game a similar system is in place that charges the guild bank a certain fee based on the number of people in the guild to send out a mass message to every member with a once per 24 hour limit to prevent spamming. This would be a great help to alert guild members of upcoming events and gatherings no matter what time they may login as some have different time zones. See below for specific ideas and information.

    How this will work specifics
    - Accessed through the guild menu interface where you can check your members and change guild settings
    - Based on the number of people in the guild you will be charged a fee to send a mass message to the group
    - Fees are paid using funds from guild bank for mass notice to be sent out.
    - This is only allowed once per 24 hours to prevent spam
    - Sent through in game notes system so that the message can be reviewed at any time when users login
    - Maybe have custom note subject including guild name and a short description.
    - Have option to report notes including mass messages in the case of abuse. If a legitimate report is put in it can disable this feature for a certain amount of time. If repeated legitimate reports is done it can disable it permanently. (Legimate report meaning one that is put in with clear proof of abuse/violation of the TOS and/or Code of Conduct).
    - Have option to opt out of mass notices in the guild menu for all members if they do not want to recieve communications of this type.

    Please post below with your comments and suggestions. Additional suggestions will be added below along with the name of the user who posted them for easy review.

    Additional suggestions:
    None yet