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  • Roulette Bingo Event

    How about having a partial coin rewarded for duplicates kind of like trans medals you get 3 partial ones to complete a new random one? That way after you get say 3 duplicates you can get a free roll to retry for a number you actually need?

    Also are we able to get a new card if we completely fill the board?
    Sphyra21[Deleted User]DingigraphiPeloiNarisveirJJ
  • Option to Transfer Servers

    Deleting and remaking characters would be very bad for me because Ive been playing for 8 years and have many rare pets that likely wont come out again so Im hoping to make a transfer without losing progress or the items that Ive obtained over the years. Basically just change the server I access though but keep everything else within logic like friendslist would be cleared as well as guild directory unless people agree to transfer server as well to rejoin.

    To solve the naming issue I would suggest that during the transfer you would have to pick name like when you make a character. If its available you can use it otherwise you would be asked to pick another name. Could be an opportunity to rename your characters and pets as well if you wish to do so ^^
  • Guild Banning System Possibly?

    So thinking on the subject of blacklisting I thought of something that might be helpful in guilds. My idea is to have a blacklist/ban user function for members (including alts that share same account) to prevent them from joining guild they have essentially been kicked out of for misconduct/violation of rules. Such as if someone is excessively rude and after warning continued to be then leader can decide to kick/ban the person which would prevent them from reapplying to the guild under their current name or any alts they may have under the same account.

    This may sound a bit extreme, but I think it would be helpful to protect guilds from dealing with known troublemakers.

    How this would work: If the offending player is in game Guild leader or Guild officer can right click person and say something like "ban from guild" which would automatically reject any application they try to put in for the guild under current character or alts under same account. Another option could be from guild management controls where you view members and setup like welcome message and such well another tab could be added for guild leader and officer only to type in a name and add that person to the guild banned list. If the officer does it a message would go to the leader to confirm before it is implemented just to be sure they want the person banned.

    I'm not sure if viewing of the banned list should be available to all or not, but this should be a tab setup in similar manner to the regular member listing to show who can not join the guild (that way they won't be mistakenly invited either). When guild leader or officer views the list they have the option to remove ban from a player if they want to as well which would delete them from the list and allow them to apply to guild if they want to.

    Basic explanation: If one character is added to the banned list it affects all characters that share the same account (login ID) so that an Alt can not be used to reapply for the guild.

    The main reason I bring this up is because of Alt accounts the troublemaker could try to join guild under a different character to further cause problems which this would help prevent ^^

    It would also be helpful to add in a minimum level requirement that a player must meet before they can apply for the guild. The minimum level required to join would be selected by the guild leader and can be changed as needed from the guild options menu. ((Suggested by Blissfulkill))

    IGN; Samuelalex
    Server: Mari
  • Give us the same events as other counties/servers

    IGN Samuelalex
    Server Mari

    Nexon NA has been flooded with inactive/afk events that do little to nothing to help the game or players. It clogs the servers with people doing nothing making it near impossible for people trying to accomplish something from even logging in let alone complete their quests or make any progress. Right now we have three afk events going on MusicQ (training renoun where people spam music nonstop usually with multiple parties in the same area) which causes massive lag and disconnects, then we have Pheonix Event which is again entirely AFK based requiring you to be logged in for 10 hours and no other tasks are required again causing massive lag with multiple people sitting around doing nothing, and then the big one Master Plan which not only is another AFK event, but its a cumulative one requiring you to have knowledge to click rebirth button every hour to get item instead of it simply auto granting the thing when you have enough points.

    AFK events are hurting the game and making it impossible for people to stay logged in and complete quests or even complete those events because of the massive amount of afkers doing absolutely nothing. As silly as this sounds this is very flustering and causes constant lag and repeated disconnects. Stop the events that are AFK sit around doing nothing please.

    Furthermore I'd like to compare two events going on and note some similarities and some obvious omissions:

    Nexon Japan will be getting this event containing almost all the same prizes we are currently getting in NA except for a few more desirable ones such as the Milkyway Music Box

    Now compare that to our master plan event in NA

    Japan's event is attendance requiring that you only login once to get rewarded and not have to remain logged in afterwards. Their list has many of the same items but also includes two things which NA doesn't get Opera Glasses and Milyway Music Box.

    NA's Master Plan is much harder to finish because it requires you stay online for an hour for each prize and it is not auto granted when you have enough points. If you don't click the button the timer doesn't start for the next item making it even longer and harder to finish. The reward list is basically the same for NA every week except for the chair item changing if you are able to stay logged in for 9 hours. Granted NA does get an outfit and a different chair based item, but I don't think it is comparable to the end reward Japan players get the Milkyway Music Box.

    The short end of this is NA players should be given the same event opportunists and rewards that other servers. We need to make this game user friendly and reduce lag/disconnects which can be accomplished by reducing the number of AFkers and eliminating the stacking of AFK based events.