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  • It's official: merge baby merge

    To be honest, I wasn't too thrilled about the idea of a merge. In my opinion, there was nothing a merge would have accomplished that a simple server transfer wouldn't have. But then, there are some people who have flown off the deep end and started threatening to grief player names out of spite just because they felt wronged over something they felt entitled to.

    I mean, yeah it sucks that Alexina gets to miss out but you gotta remember that you've had a "NEW" tag for several years (at least 7+ years) and basically sapped the life out of the other 3 servers up to this point, leading to such an extraordinary amount of player differential that has led the other servers by a country mile, something the other servers never recovered from. So on one hand, Nexon might be doing this for profit, and on another, they may be fixing something they screwed up from the very start.
  • [Announcement] Server Merge & FAQ

    OdinM wrote: »
    On top of that, the skill trees are horribly unbalanced. In ye olde days, circa G3-G8 when I really enjoyed the game, you could build your character the way you wanted to, and you'd still end up with about the same DPS as all your friends. Like so your levels only really mattered for survivability in the dungeons, a level 130 who had only rebirthed twice could go play with their level 2000 friends and still be able to deal damage and fight the fomors. This is no longer the case, if you aren't level 15000 with R1 everything in whatever the newest skill tree is, your DPS is hopeless and you are just dragged along as a meatshield and pack mule. The enemies will be too hard for you to kill, and will kill you easily. Now I main an int magic mage, and indeed I still play very much like I did in G13 and G14- the height of my character's power and glory. 1200 int, yet somebody half my level has a bare fist DPS almost 4x that of my fully charged int magic. That's not right Nexon, that needs to be fixed. People want to play the game their way, that's what made Mabinogi so unique all those years ago. You weren't locked into a play style in order to comply with meta. We've got a really bad power creep problem now that has its roots in the Alchemy of G9, but has continued to get worse and worse with every new skill tree added except Bard- which is not an offense focused skill tree.
    Honestly, the Chain Slash skills was that point for me.

    IMO, I wasn't a big fan of the merge idea to begin with, since it solved no problems that a simple Server Transfer wouldn't have done. Honestly, Mabinogi has far bigger problems to worry about than a server merge. Such as, the prospect of being bought out by something like Disney.
  • It's official: merge baby merge

    I'm saddened that I missed all the salt. Because holy hell, the entitlement is real.

    Yeah, it sucks that Alexina server doesn't get to participate in the merging stuff, but honestly, how many of you actually remember this?

  • Notice to Belgian Players

    So this is the hill Mabinogi is going to die on.

    Instead of adapting to the times, instead of realizing what needs to be done, instead of changing the business model to help your own business survive, it's decided that Nexon is going to ride these business practices all the way to the sunset?

    Cool, Belgium is being blocked. Soon, Netherlands will follow. But eventually, the entirety of EU may have to be blocked. After that, you'll have blocked literally everyone but Japan and KR. People are starting to realize just how bad these business practices are. It has reached a point where worldwide governments are starting to step in. And nothing is done about it. Sidestepping the issue won't do anything but prolong the inevitable.

    Please, please try to get KR's head straight, because worse than us losing Mabinogi, you will lose your jobs. And we all know just how difficult it is to find work.
  • Because we need more wings

    2017 and people still take Gaea posts seriously

    what an era we live in