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  • Nexon launcher Glitch

    Usually an uninstall and reinstall of the launcher works, but it seems that it has to be done more often than not. I have one computer where it constantly does that and another where I just reboot it till it pops up since I have it set to auto-start.

    I'm not sure if you have it set to auto-launch when you boot your computer, but that usually works for me imo.
  • Help deciding a talent :(

    From what I'm aware of...each generation has certain talent tree's it caters to. Much like G9 is alchemy based, G20ish where chainblades are introduced is that talent mostly, etc etc. Doesn't mean you need to use that just helps.

    In the tutorial it mentions battle flow. The point in the tutorial and training is to find your own flow of skils that work across the many talents available. Everyone has their own. Best of luck finding what works for you...but close combat is mostly the staple for everyone.
  • Can we please have the VIP update?

    With all the trade controversy and tariff scares...would you like NA?
  • i still dont get this game.

    There are some skills that are great for starting off as they are not stat based so much as others. An example would be alchemy since it started out not being heavily dependent on any stats before the revamp...which added a bit more weight should you use it mid tier now and becomes situational at higher tiers.

    Mabinogi has always been pretty strong via melee. I would suggest starting with the beginner board as they have players start out that way and heavily invest in such. The rest of the skills become secondary until you build up your character. For starters it's mostly about battle flow where you use X skill against Y skill. Once you got most of the formor patterns you become more attuned to combat styles. Everyone has different ways.

    Some people invest heavily in certain talent tree's and others spread themselves so they are hybrid and scattered all over. Some become strong and overpowering and others feel obsolete in their combat. I, myself, don't do much damage as a higher tiered total level player, but due to my battle flow....I match on par with those who are higher level that don't have such. It's dependent on how you play the game.

    Like people mentioned before, G21 Finale part 2 has been done easily with high tiered characters or low tiered. It really depends on how you play the game. I finished part 2 boss only doing 200 dmg to it each hit. Sure it took a while, but I got it done.

    The reason this game becomes so difficult is because even if the character builds are the same....gameplay and feel is different due to hidden mechanics. So not all characters are going to be exact. If you like the feel of your older character then I suggest you go back to it. Making a new character isn't goin to change much since you still have to heavily invest your time into it. There is no messing up when you invest your skills, you just rebirth and grain more AP and invest where you want.

    Nowadays with Duncan's pay to reset, just save up gold and reset your skills whenever you want. I don't really see a reason to do such since more and more content keeps coming out that makes any training reasonable as they are all pretty much tedious.

    Hope this helps.
  • Old characters

    Sometimes the character screen just show's favorites or selected cards. You need to be sure to select the option to see all your cards. It's a bit weird that it's preset in certain ways instead of showing all. It gets a bit tricky. Took me a while when they implemented such to see where the rest of my cards went off to.