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  • Premium vs VIP

    Probably their best deal for service is during the blackout Friday event/cyber Monday. Otherwise not worth investing in VIP. It helps in lessening the dura loss so you don't have to repair up the wazoo unless you play a lot doesn't matter. Also, continent warping anytime you want is convenient when you need to travel certain places ASAP less you have time to waste.

    Other than that.....still waiting for them to get rid of the HCH system since that's pretty bad and for them to implement the new housing via homes in the homestead. There isn't any point in waiting for a guild to take over housing to build a house and sell on the market just so you can get access to service you paid for just to pay in-game gold to use.
  • Beyond Spirit Weapon Cap

    During the KR meeting about the improvements for mabinogi the team already stated they are looking into revamping a lot of area's including the reworks of spirit weapons since no one uses them really. Was during the time people were discussing the homestead update and upgrade. Still waiting for the housing channel to be gone.
  • Too dark in Shadow Missions

    You might want to try expanding the ranged vision some more as well...and uncheck the "film style post shader" if you haven't already even thought that adds some depth....i find it kind of dark and dreary.
  • how do i beat g19 realization ? please help!!!!!!!

    It really isn't that hard to complete the quests since the newer skills came out. The later generations are for more experienced players and they already found the previous content boring so the newer content was supposed to spice things up....sadly there are ppl who solo the earlier girgashy runs without a problem.
  • Let's Fish with Larry again!

    Policroma wrote: »
    Not to rain on the parade here, but I actually kinda wish they'd just "fix" the books and then give us some kind of, oh, I dunno, "library" system? The book unlocks a spot on the library and we don't have to lug all the books we like around?

    Sadly they give us a small space hogging library called a book bag. :/ the rest is gatcha....they gatcha good. :|