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  • Exploration Cap Quest makes a reappearance

    A friend recently restarted playing Mabi after a long long absence, and the Giant character just received a exploration level 5 quest to "Find a Hedgehog". The problem is twofold -- one, you can no longer alter the landscape in Vales to uncover them, and two, he cannot quit the quest. And he can't take any other Quest Board exploration quests while it's present. He submitted a ticket, but this seems a rather important bug for new Giant players.

    No screenshot bc it's not my glitch, but I'm posting bc he is a returnee w/o forum privileges yet.
    Your Fallen God
  • Wait WAT?

    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    I'm going to guess they mean that there are people who still have the orange warp feather and it is being removed. Both my Main and Alt still have it.

    If you try to use the feather post-event, a message box pops up in Korean, and the feather disappears.
  • What would you guys like revamped the most?

    I voted Spirit Weapons because I use one (Giant, Broad Axe, for obvs reasons) and they're pretty much unchanged since the beginning. Also I want a nicer shade of blue. ^_^

    But I think Mabi could be greatly improved by reviewing and updating OLD content rather than creating NEW content.
    - Remodel and retexture the old NPC outfits
    - Add more outfits to NPC shops that people might actually want to wear
    - Update the items list on the Tara auction more often (every 6 months) and increase the number of items from 2 per day to 5-10 per day
    - Add some new Shadow and Theater missions. The only new SMs since the initial release are 3 Lords missions and MA Tournament for Theater missions.
    - Update the dungeon drop items more frequently
    - Consider updating old enchants. There are so many new enchants and most come "enabled" so there is no need to step them. And these usually outclass older, hard-to-affix enchants.

    To me, the best updates in Mabi have been various "renewals", ESPECIALLY the first Giant Renewal. I think improving the game you have is preferable to just throwing new things into it.
  • What would you guys like revamped the most?

    KelpSoda wrote: »
    the entire game engine so it don't feel like a game from 30 years ago for starters, after that idk, don't care really this game has become REALLY hard to play the longer it goes

    You didn't actually play games 30 years ago if you think Mabi is anything like them. 1998 was the era of the NES, SEGA Master System, and for the PC, the closest you would come to Mabi is Ultima V.


    See the resemblance!
  • Best economy update ever(Auction House discussion)

    Love the new auction house. One thing -- Can you add a "relist" button that will relist an item using the previous settings? Would make it much easier when things don't sell in a day.